Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Place of Calm...

We had our second visit today from Cathie, one of the wonderful ministers at Plymouth Congregational Church. We shared a meal together, which began with Cathie saying a beautiful grace about our conversation being comforting and enriching to each other, then Kat left and the three of us sat down before our family room fireplace.

Cathie is one of those people who really listens to you and asks just the right questions. Her voice is so gentle and caring and I could immediately feel Jud and I calm down. We talked about our worries and feelings and Jud and I snuggled on the couch and felt so connected. We also talked about sadness and hard times in the past and how we dealt with it and realized again that when we went through these storms of life, we often felt surrounded by the love and care of others and closest to God. There is so much genuine good that happens. So many redeeming events. So much incredible caring. When we were finished, I felt so much peace. I haven't felt this peace since the diagnosis.

Cathie brought us gifts. We each got a prayer shawl, knitted by women of our church. As they knit each stitch they pray, so the prayers, in a sense are knitted  into the shawl. 

The prayer Shawl Ministry in an incredible thing. I was given another one by my sister-in-law, Joan, and
treasure it. Now I have a set! I do tend to get cold when I pray or meditate so this is a wonderful gift in many ways.

She also gave us a lovely book, Sounds of the Eternal by J. Philip Newell, which contains beautiful Celtic prayers.
The prayer for Tuesday night...

It is in sleeping that my body is refreshed
It is in letting go that my soul is revived
It is in dying that I am born anew.
Bless to me my sleeping, O God
bless to me my letting go
bless to me my dying,
that tonight I might enter your stillness
that tomorrow I might awake renewed
that in the end, I may be fully alive to you.
Tonight,Tomorrow and Always, O God
may I truly be alive to you.

I am now heading to bed with the first sense of peace and calm that I have felt in a week.
May you sleep well, too.


  1. What a beautiful post and I'm glad you are able to find the calm in all of this. Big hugs!

  2. Suz,
    what a blessing to wake up and read your prayer today. I have been contemplating the word "abide", and this prayer hits home for that.
    So grateful for your peace and your friendship.

  3. God bless and may your dreams be sweet.

  4. So good to hear. Such loveliness in this dark time.

  5. Well Suz, thank you so much for leading me to your blog. I have been so absent keeping up with my blogging friends, just busy with life. i am so sorry you and your family are going through this tough time. Please know that all of us out here in blogging land have your sweet self held dear to our hearts, and are giving you and yours cyber hugs. I'm sending lots of warm wishes and healing thoughts your way. Keep the calm and keep the strength, you will get past this. Big hug, Riki

  6. you are teaching and touching so many lives Suz...thank you for sharing your journey to healing for Jud

    I feel at Peace and full of Love
    thank you my friend!

  7. I am so thankful you had such a precious visitor. A true messenger of peace and calm. I think the Shawl Ministry is a beautiful example of God's love. Thank you for sharing it with us.....

  8. Hi my beautiful friend! I love the thought of you and Jud being surrounded by the prayers and love of your prayer shawls. Sweetest blessings to you and Jud! ~ Always, Katie

    PS ~ At your request to hear more, I posted my story on my main blog (just for you and Jud as I have not shared it on there before). Love you!