Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretties from Canada...

One of my sweet angels picked out this cup and saucer in Montreal. It wasn't quite the magic colors (Marie found those for me!) yet I love the colors and the texture...yes texture!

See those white dots? If you look at the dots at the bottom, you can see that they are raised. How special is that! And the flowers at the bottom of the cup look like they are hand-painted. It really is quite lovely.

The pink damask table cloth is hand-dyed in my washing machine ($3 at an estate sale) and the napkin courtesy of Kleenex Paper Napkins. I am having some trouble with my camera and something went crazy before I got a picture of the bottom but the brand is Royal Albert from England.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Great news...

No frills (I have a respiratory infection). Jud's last Caring Bridge says it best...

Dear Ones,
I want you all to know that it was very good news today!  My PET scan showed no new metastases, the ones that had disappeared were still gone and the remaining tumors were all decreased in activity.  My tumor marker is now down to 36.  The new chemotherapy is clearly working.  I will not need to go to Mayo next week.  I'll just continue with this regimen that has at last shown progress.  I know that this is likely to be a chronic illness and that things could later change, but for now I am filled with relief and gratitude. 

Thanks to each of you for your prayers, love, and support!


We are so happy!

With love,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a Wonderful Surprise!!!

I am in love! I came home from Canada and what should be waiting for me but a lovely package with Lindt Chocolate, lovely packets of tea, and the most wonderful tea cup and saucer and a (amazing) a plate to match (for the chocolate cake I will eat with my tea).

Look at that beautiful pattern! Someone has been reading my posts on Tea Cup Tuesday. That somebody is Marie Skrotzki of Lost Bird Studio. Marie is one of the kindest people I have met in Blogland.

I could just cry every time I look at it. It is such a unique pattern. The lovely filigree is GOLD! The pink and blue are the sweetest shades. 

I am crazy about any pink and I like blue just fine. But this is a very special blue. I would say that it is the shade of a bluebird. I think I will name it Bluebird Blue!

The set is Bavarian China from Germany. The brand name is Krautheim. I must ask Marie more about it. It is especially meaningful and special because Marie is from Germany and the US. I can't imagine anything much more fun than living in two countries.


I have been following Marie's blog since day one. It took a long time to start posting because I was so intimidated! She is so talented. She makes the most lovely things. Beautiful fabric collages, lacy little purses, delicate jewelry, linen hearts. She is one of the most productive artists I have seen. She seems to have something new (and gorgeous) to show ever single day. I kid you not.
She is also one of the most dear and generous people I have been lucky enough to meet in Blogland. We all seem to know this but it bears repeating. Bloggers are some of the nicest people I have ever encountered. Right?

Since this chine is so incredible, I got out my mother's silver,  Rosepoint by Wallace. The roses look just right with the roses on the set. It is one of my most special possessions. My mother died very suddenly when I was eighteen. I was given her sterling silver on my wedding day and I always feel her presence when I use it. Some things about that silver even make my laugh. Mom was not much of a housekeeper and washed the knives in the dishwasher. That is a no-no. I chuckle when I see those spots from her "let's clean it easy" venture.  She was a woman who knew what was important and the four of us came before the laundry.

Marie, someday I want to meet you. Maybe in Germany! That would be magical! When I do, I will give you a huge hug. You have made me so incredibly happy with this gift. Do you know what? I have been looking for months and now I have found my most precious set. Now I better start looking for my second favorite :-)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

O Canada...

This was the frosting on the cake (and we had a lot of cake!) I got to spend part of three days with my dear friend, Terri. I have not met her personally but I have known her on the internet for almost fifteen years. She is a wonderful woman but I knew that!

We had spent the morning in the rain on this day. Terri's hair got curlier and mine got straighter!

Jud and I after our prime rib dinner...best place in Montreal! 
Our bellies are glowing and growing.

I think Terri is tickling Jud's very muscular stomach.

This is the St. Joseph's
Oratorie, where the body of the only Canadian saint, St. Frere Andre, resides...

...and this is a statue of St Joseph and the lit candles of all of the people who have come to pray to him, asking for miracles. I lit one and said a prayer for Jud.

This is only one section of the crutches that have been left when people, previously handicapped, were able to walk away from the Oratorie.

This is the dome of the cathedral in Old Montreal...

...and this is Notre Dame de Montreal...or as we called it in my childhood years in South Dakota, Noder Dame (long vowels on the "A' and the "O," please).

Finally, one very fond memory of a wonderful afternoon, strolling down the rows and rows of antique stores with Terri and Jud.

Canada, we love you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eating Our Way Through Canada...

We discovered shortly after we got to our B and B in Montreal, that "The Village" was really another name for "The Gay Village." That was splendid. We loved the owners who catered after our every wish! The rooms in our B and B were all named after Hollywood themes and our theme was...


We were treated to four course breakfasts from a meat and cheese platter...

...to a hot entree, to pastries to fruit!

We waddled out to the streets which were still decorated for Gay Pride Festival.

When we returned in the evening, we found a dazzling sculpture...

...lit up in French, that we think was about living our truth (help, Colette). You could speak into a microphone and it lit up the words you were saying, in French.
We don't speak French but we watched for a long, long time.

Later that evening, we dined on lamb shank...

...and a perfect creme brulee.

The salt woman and pepper man finally gave each other one last embrace...
...and we waddled home to bed.