Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a Wonderful Surprise!!!

I am in love! I came home from Canada and what should be waiting for me but a lovely package with Lindt Chocolate, lovely packets of tea, and the most wonderful tea cup and saucer and a (amazing) a plate to match (for the chocolate cake I will eat with my tea).

Look at that beautiful pattern! Someone has been reading my posts on Tea Cup Tuesday. That somebody is Marie Skrotzki of Lost Bird Studio. Marie is one of the kindest people I have met in Blogland.

I could just cry every time I look at it. It is such a unique pattern. The lovely filigree is GOLD! The pink and blue are the sweetest shades. 

I am crazy about any pink and I like blue just fine. But this is a very special blue. I would say that it is the shade of a bluebird. I think I will name it Bluebird Blue!

The set is Bavarian China from Germany. The brand name is Krautheim. I must ask Marie more about it. It is especially meaningful and special because Marie is from Germany and the US. I can't imagine anything much more fun than living in two countries.


I have been following Marie's blog since day one. It took a long time to start posting because I was so intimidated! She is so talented. She makes the most lovely things. Beautiful fabric collages, lacy little purses, delicate jewelry, linen hearts. She is one of the most productive artists I have seen. She seems to have something new (and gorgeous) to show ever single day. I kid you not.
She is also one of the most dear and generous people I have been lucky enough to meet in Blogland. We all seem to know this but it bears repeating. Bloggers are some of the nicest people I have ever encountered. Right?

Since this chine is so incredible, I got out my mother's silver,  Rosepoint by Wallace. The roses look just right with the roses on the set. It is one of my most special possessions. My mother died very suddenly when I was eighteen. I was given her sterling silver on my wedding day and I always feel her presence when I use it. Some things about that silver even make my laugh. Mom was not much of a housekeeper and washed the knives in the dishwasher. That is a no-no. I chuckle when I see those spots from her "let's clean it easy" venture.  She was a woman who knew what was important and the four of us came before the laundry.

Marie, someday I want to meet you. Maybe in Germany! That would be magical! When I do, I will give you a huge hug. You have made me so incredibly happy with this gift. Do you know what? I have been looking for months and now I have found my most precious set. Now I better start looking for my second favorite :-)


  1. woohoo! lucky you, soo pretty! and LOL! I just posted about my teacup only a couple minutes ago!
    what a wonderful treat to come home too.

  2. That is so very pretty.

    You are dearly loved Suz.

  3. Marie is truly a wonderful friend- and a fantastic artist- what a beautiful present, she send you, dear suz.

  4. Oh so pretty, what a beautiful set, a gorgeous generous gift, totally deserving of your best silver.
    I had to smile about your mother and the dishwasher, my mother's silver was wrapped in tissue and each piece was unwrapped and cleaned at Christmas! as kids we hated the job! although to this day I still love to eat with a 'proper' knife and fork, there's something about the weight of real silver that's so appealing.

  5. what a sweet surprise! the generosity and thoughtfulness in blogland never ceases to amaze me! have a great day Suz. xo

  6. Dear Suz,
    thank you so much for your kind words:) The set looks just perfect on your table with the beautiful
    siver of your mother's. I wish you many happy Tea Cup Tuesdays with it.Beautiful post and photos,dear Suz!! Maybe one day we will meet:)
    Sending big hugs your way my friend.

  7. How beautiful and generous! There's nothing more fun than a surprise gift, is there?!

  8. Fabulous! I adore your new trio! Marie is a very talented lady, and as your post show, a very generous lady too! Blogland is full of such kind people!
    Back to your cup. It has such a dainty yet full pattern, and the blue is gorgeous just like you say. It goes beautifully with your mothers beautiful silver.

  9. such an all around precious post dear Suz!

    Marie is not only very talented but has wonderful taste in china (Bavarian no less)...what a generous and thoughtful friend!

    I Love how the perfect tea cup found you all the while you were looking...

    visiting you today puts THE biggest smile on my face...especially imagining you and Marie meeting up one day here or there (Germany) and just how special that would be!

    Brightest of Blessings to All!

  10. Suz, I do think we know by now how much you love a beautiful cup and saucer. We enjoy your excitement right along with you! Elizabeth

  11. What a beautiful gift of the heart! I had to chuckle when you talked about your mom's "let's clean it easy" attitude. That is definitely me.

  12. What a beautiful tablescape. My Mom's silver pattern is Rosepoint, also- and she would be horrified to know that your mother put it in the dishwasher. When we had a Sunday dinner with the "good china", it was washed by hand- which kind of took the fun out of a good dinner. I'm more a follower of my mother-in-laws philosophy: If it doesn't go in the dishwasher, it doesn't go in my kitchen.

  13. A wonderful friend of yours and a beautiful gift, you are so lucky.

  14. So lovely! Enjoy the treasures. What a wonderful friend!