Wednesday, September 7, 2011

O Canada...

This was the frosting on the cake (and we had a lot of cake!) I got to spend part of three days with my dear friend, Terri. I have not met her personally but I have known her on the internet for almost fifteen years. She is a wonderful woman but I knew that!

We had spent the morning in the rain on this day. Terri's hair got curlier and mine got straighter!

Jud and I after our prime rib place in Montreal! 
Our bellies are glowing and growing.

I think Terri is tickling Jud's very muscular stomach.

This is the St. Joseph's
Oratorie, where the body of the only Canadian saint, St. Frere Andre, resides...

...and this is a statue of St Joseph and the lit candles of all of the people who have come to pray to him, asking for miracles. I lit one and said a prayer for Jud.

This is only one section of the crutches that have been left when people, previously handicapped, were able to walk away from the Oratorie.

This is the dome of the cathedral in Old Montreal...

...and this is Notre Dame de Montreal...or as we called it in my childhood years in South Dakota, Noder Dame (long vowels on the "A' and the "O," please).

Finally, one very fond memory of a wonderful afternoon, strolling down the rows and rows of antique stores with Terri and Jud.

Canada, we love you!


  1. I'm so enjoying all of your trip-sharing, Suz! I really need to make it up to Montreal one of these much to see!

    Wishing you the most wonderful day, dear friend!


  2. I love to hear stories about internet/blogging friends getting to meet. I've done some of that and it's always so much fun! I have enjoyed your trip in Canada through your eyes. We've been to Toronto but not Montreal. I think we need to put it on the bucket list.
    Take care Suz!

  3. Love to see your adventures in Canada. All the beautiful places. Just love your smile!

    Hoping you have a wonderful week, sweet friend.

  4. Your Montreal pictures are magnifique!

    Sandy xox

  5. How beautiful St. Joseph's Oratorie must have been with all those candles burning. What a hopeful place this is.

  6. Lovely city. And the best part is your smile...

  7. Suz, what a special event, to meet with a long time blogging friend-and in the same time spend hours in that beautiful city.I loved seing the Cathedrals, and all let lights-amazing to se, for me living in a country, with not many catholic churches.

  8. What a fabulous post, my friend!!! How fun to meet a blogging friend after so many years. I love the photo of the candles that were lit. Glad to know one is in there for our sweet Jud.

  9. Wow! Suz you are having one fantastic vacation in Canada...........the canes in the cathedral bring tears to my eyes! Enjoy the rest of you trip!

  10. Oh my gosh I loved seeing the photo of the candles in the church -- so beautiful!! What a wonderful time you had!

  11. beautiful pics of your special getaway...what glorious blue skies in some too AND getting to meet face to face with a friend after so many that is really special too

    my heart feels bigger and more hopeful reading about you lighting a candle for Jud sweet Suz!

    BIG hugs to you two travelers!

  12. Oh wow, Suz, I am so happy you went there and lit a candle...this is amazing, my friend...and all those crutches--miracles, for sure!!! And there will be a miracle for Jud!!

  13. Sending love and joy........the photos are stunning and filled with happiness. xo

  14. so glad you met your friend - what a grand time! I haven't visited Montreal in years and it's fabulous to see some sights:)
    thanks for visiting!

  15. these last two posts are so full of such good things! so happy to see you two enjoying life!!
    xo nat