Monday, May 14, 2012

Grateful for my Ghoul

I had a lovely Mother's Day. As the mother of an only daughter, now in her thirties, I was treated with lots of sugar and carbs and some calm quiet time together. Since Jud's passing, we have both found a lot of comfort in each other's presence and, though we may get together at poignant times, I am so grateful to have her and happy to be in her presence.

She is an interesting ghoul who has always delighted me with her pleasure in playing "dress up," even now. Would you be surprised to hear that Halloween and the Zombie Crawl are two of her favorite nights?

Then there is the annual Ren Fest. I am especially fond of the colored dreads.

She does look right at home, doesn't she?

This was some sort of Space/Star Trek type party. That's her on the right with the black wig. She has definitely found her tribe!

Here we have a little vintage beach wear. 

And here, a demure maid of the twenties. This girl was going to be our costume designer. She majored in Drama and Film Studies and then spent some time at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA, only to discover that only one person out of a thousand makes it as a designer and 999 sew in the back room.

My Kat got her MSW (Masters of Social Work) last year and is doing therapy with children and families. Like her father before her, I imagine she does it in such a delightful, playful fashion that her clients hardly know they are in therapy!

That's my ghoul! On this Mother's Day, I am so grateful for my Kat!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Off to Mesa

Jud's parents have a beautiful house in Mesa, Arizona. Tomorow I leave for a glorious week in the summery weather. My sister-in-law, Joan, will join me on Thursday and the four of us will enjoy the final week of Arizona, then all return to our summer homes (i.e. South Dakota, Minnesota and Colorado).  It is a place of family, being yourself, and beautiful sunsets. Like this...

And this.

And this. An "X." A kiss goodnight in the sky. Then off to sleep!
I can't wait!