Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Party: Sneak Peak at our newest creations!

Welcome to the Katsui Jewelry portion of the Show What You Create Blog Party sponsored by Andrea Tarling of Vintage Bella Studio.
Here at Katsui Jewelry the elves have been hard at work!!  Kat and Suz are working long hours to make some creative, exciting pieces for the St. Anthony Park Fair. They are largely repurposed and made from the vast quantity of vintage and retro jewelry we are collecting. Half the fun is in the hunt, as we run from estate sale to estate sale, buying what we think is truly special. This is just a little taste of what you can expect...

"Sparrow" and "Cupid's Bow"
vintage repurposed and handmade resin pendants.
(Sparrow was a collaboration, Cupid's Bow was made by Kat and then "borrowed" for a while.)

Kat's creation of brass, buttons, beads, and hand-painted locket with photo of a bathing beauty!

"The Champion of my Heart"
Suz's brass creation with locket, "forever" token, vintage key and swimming charms. 

Vintage bead dangles and brass chain.
Handwired by Suz!
The incredible grey sugar and gold beads are from the May Basket Swap!

Kat's creation of linked vintage beads, crystal, button, and sterling

Kat in her "Garden Party" necklace... she has been singing "I love the flower girl" all day!

 The Brights!

 "Garden Party"
Kat's repurposed vintage necklace of bright enamed flowers and a fluttering butterfly.

"Frida's Flowers"
Beautiful bright necklace made by Suz!

"Funky Corsage"
Kat's cuff of handpainted brass "ribbon", vintage beads, buttons, and flower handmade from vintage fabric!

(Much brighter in person- see below!)

Kat in her "Garden Party" and "Funky Corsage"

Kat wearing all of her creations at once!

Keep coming back and see what the little elves are doing!

- Kat and Suz

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  1. Wow! Beautiful creations! Love the colors and uniqueness of Garden Kat is having a hard time parting with it!
    I think you will do well....

  2. Suz, are you putting these pieces in your Etsy or are they for a show. LOVE THEM!!!! Each piece is stunning.

  3. yummy! Such talent. Every design is a true work of art. Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Fabulous jewelry creations. You girls are really on a jewelry journey. Such fun. Lovely pieces. Happy selling...

  5. Suz, you and Kat are truly so talented!! Your jewelry is stunning and full of personality. LOVE it!!


  6. what marvelous jewelry you create!! i am so glad to find you and thank you very much for popping by my place!
    have a super weekend!

  7. What amazing jewelry! i especially love the Frida Kahlo necklas! I visited her home when I was studying in Mexico!! What a great post!

  8. Oooooh! Yummy, yummy creations! I really LOVE the 'garden party' necklace. That is just too, too fun!

  9. Stunning jewelry pieces! :) I love "Garden Party!"

  10. Love the Garden Party piece, whimsical and bright and makes me smile! And I LOVE Bea, totally unique as all your pieces!

  11. Beautiful creations! Thanks for stopping by Vintage Dragonfly too.

  12. garden party is a sure hit! so colorful, gypsyish and vibrant all at once. nice job!


  13. Those necklaces are truly gorgeous, honey!!! I mean it. BUT you daughter looks amazingly like one of my nieces and that stunned me for a moment. Just beautiful jewelry, chick! I'm so glad you visited me because I visited everyone this morning and some weren't up-to-date and I just went along.


  14. Suz and Kat - such creative and beautiful jewelry! Love the colors! Thank you for visiting me today...I have just posted my Party entry..a bit late in the day. ~ Angela

  15. Thanks for Stopping by, Your right, this has been alot of fun visiting..... I have been trying to get to everyone, but My Computer is Not being Nice (keep having to reset My Modem a zillion times) Your Jewelry is Fabulous, What a Beautiful Mix of the Old to make a Modern Statement.... Thanks for Sharing

  16. The necklaces you are making are stunning!!!! My favorite is the garden party.

  17. Oh, that Garden Party necklace is beautiful! But my favourite? Why, all of them worn at once - more is more!

  18. It's so nice to "meet" you. Thanks for coming to visit. Lots of luck for your upcoming show. I love the garden party. Beautiful!

  19. I'm in love with the Garden Party necklace!

  20. Oh My goodness! Those are stunning and take my breath away!!! Your whole blog is so fabulous and your creations are so beautiful!!! I love every single thing you create! Blessings Friend! ~ k

  21. Oh what gorgeous jewelry! I love the locket necklace the most! Beautiful! Suzie

  22. WOW I can't wait until I can wear necklaces again with out my son trying to eat them! "Garden Party" and "Cascade" really are stand out pieces

  23. Absolutley stunning girls!!! Such lovely treats for the eyes!!!

  24. Oh, your flower jewelry....amazing!!!! You gals are so talented...look forward to seeing more offered on your etsy!!!! debbie

  25. holy moly! everything is so cool and lovely. (and now i've got the flower girl song in my head, too. but that's okay. it's a good song)

    very cool, little elves.


  26. HI Suz, look at you guys! Beautiful pieces. And the colors are yummy. Thanks for stopping by, glad you like my little bird box! Take care, Riki

  27. Your daughter and your jewels are beautiful!

  28. So many really beautiful treasures! You gals are SO creative and prolific too!

  29. Artists! You are both truly artists! Each piece seems to tell a story. I am drawn to the Frida piece, a favorite artist of my mothers. I will never pass by vintage jewelry again with the thought of what it might become in your talented hands. This was such a lovely and interesting post! Elizabeth

  30. Thankyou for the stroll in the garden girls! Beautiful jewelry indeed! I wanted to say hello and thinking of you Suz with your brother at the Mayo clinic. Prayers for a positive day full of laugher wherever you are!

  31. Beautiful creations! Amazing! Did you have a show last weekend? How did it go?

    And such wonderful news about your brother! That is incredible!

  32. What beautiful pieces! You are both so talented!

  33. Hi Suz,
    Oooooh, I loved looking at all your jewelry. I especially like the Garden Party piece but I have a special thing for flowers! It looks like you have been having a great time. You and Kat are a great team!
    Sharon :-)