Monday, May 3, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

These are a few of my favorite things...
Traveling... This is a shot from the house where we stayed on a trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.  I spent a lot of time reading by this fountain...
(I'll be back in San Miguel this summer for an intensive Spanish course.) I've also travelled to Croatia, Scotland, England, and Australia.

Vintage Shoes (which are hard to find in my size)
These black boots were from the estate sale of a woman from the family that started the Walker Art Center.  They are amazing!
These tooled leather pumps are from my golden birthday- when my parents and I went to San Fransisco.
These red 40s pumps are a recent find from an antiques shop visit my mom and I made. (I also scored grey cowboy boots with ostrich on them.)

Vintage Belt Buckles
I've been collecting them now for a few years.

The owl was a great Etsy find! Enamel from the 60s.

 I love Whimsical, Art Nouveau, Southwestern, and Native American Styles!
The inlaid mother of pearl and turquiose sun/moon is my favorite- a find from this Xmas in AZ.
This design is called "The End of the Trail"... I "borrowed" it from my dad years ago, but it has greater meaning to me since I interned at an American Indian social service agency.

The Fluffybutts. Do I need to say more?

Good Friends
Cecilia at the RenFest when she came to visit from MN.
She is amazing- smart, funny, accomplished, and just exudes genuine warmth and love.

Meggie and I playing dress up... I think this picture is exactly the person I feel like inside- a whimsical wild pixie child.
Megan and I were born 6 days apart and I don't know I time I didn't know her.  She's now a doctor, but still the silly-billy that I love!

Katy and I dressed up for Halloween (yup, I'm 30 and I still like to play dress-up!)
Katy and I have been friends since 7th grade.  She is smart, solid, witty, and loyal- she loves and appreciates me- even if I am a whimsical dreamer who is into girly things like fashion, fairies, and make-up.


My mom and dad are amazing.
They are loving, kind, intelligent, and wonderful goofballs.
My dad whistles and sings somgs that subconsciously relate to something he is going through.
My mom is one of the best friends (to me and others), is stronger than she knows, and has the most amazing laughs (I particularly like the one when she is laughing about something a little naughty.)

(One of my favorite photos of mom and dad- notice how they make the shape of a heart!  And are appropriately dressed in boy/girl colors!)

The simple beauty of nature... This sight lead me to stop the car and admire.

- Kat


  1. Such a precious post on so many levels!
    I Love traveling too and you've been to some great places AND you're a great vintage shopper too...what a fab shoe collection and more!

    Darling pic of your lovey dovey parents ... heartwarming and oh so sweet!

  2. So excited you found my blog!!! We actually have things in common!! I too have been to San Miguel de Allende!!! I have never met anyone else who had visted there! lol It is a cool place. I have a maltese also. (yours may have been bichon's though) Your blog is beautiful and I will add you to my blog roll to keep up!!