Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday! I'm In Love!

Thanks to Sandy of Sandy's Creations for having this blog tour. I LOVE this idea!!! Sandy has a great blog and she is such a funny, kind and very artistic person. I hope you will stop by and visit!

There are so many things I love and it is hard to choose ones that are more important than others. These are just a few things I love. There are so many more.

I love being alive, feeling the wind touch my skin and the feeling of the water in the pool I go to each week. I love the feeling of hugs, hugging my husband when he comes home, hugging my daughter, hugging my dogs. 

I love sunsets. I grew up on the prairies of South Dakota, where you could see for miles. I loved watching the sunset over the prairie. It seemed to last forever and ever and was worthy of taking a chair outside and just sitting there and quietly watching.

One of my favorite sunsets is the one that I see out the window of the house my sister-in-law, Joan. She lives in Colorado Springs and has a panoramic view of the Rockies.

I also love the sunset in Arizona, seen from the back deck of my mother-in-law and father-in-law. We love to have a little "cocktail hour" and watch the colors change as the sun sets. 

I love my dear husband who is so kind and loyal and brings me hot coffee in bed every morning. I think he is so cute, even cuter than when he was young, and I love his bald head. It is really fun to touch!!!

I love all of my family. I love my four brothers and their wives and children. I love my husband's family, who accept me as a part of their family. I love my in-laws who have taken me in as their daughter. This is a picture of them at the Arizona Botanical Garden's Chihuly Exhibit.

I love my mom, even though she has been gone since I have been eighteen. I remember her as a loving person, who was very sentimental and cried easily (I think she loved to cry!). She rated events according to the number of Kleenex's she used. Easter Sunday's church service was usually a four Kleenex event while parades going down the street of our little town were three- kleenex events. My husband surprised me by framing her wedding veil. I love it because it represents his love and her love. She would have cried when she saw Jud's surprise.

I love this icon of a Lakota Baby Jesus. It was painted by Father John Guliani and hangs on the wall of the dining room. It has beautiful gilding. Baby Jesus eyes seem to be watching us! Father Guliani periodically sends us postcards. He likes to remember the people who own his icon. I love that!

I love my daughter, who is whimsical and kind, artistic and bright, who loves old films and belt buckles and vintage clothes from the Salvation Army, who loves me even when I am crabby, who is such a wonderful woman. She reminds me of my mother and I know my mother would have loved her. When she gets out of bed (she spent the night in a box on the campus of her college where she is a student and a co-chairwoman of the Poverty Project).

Here she is! (on the left)

I love my friends. I love the Committee of Mothers, who meet over dinner and coffee. We say that our children were so difficult that it took a committee to raise them. I love my friends, old and new. Some have been my friends since childhood, such as my friend, Mary, who lives at the corner and is always there in a minute when there is a crisis. I love my college friends, many of whom I still communicate with each year. This is my dear friend, Donna. We are in our chicken pajamas because we just got done doing the chicken dance! We lead a woman's retreat in the Black Hills every year. Next year will be year number ten!

I love the world of blogging. People who aren't involved don't understand that you really can make real friends on the computer. I love reading about the lives of my friends and seeing the beautiful things they have created. I love meeting my blog friends in person and finding they are just as I have imagined. 

So many things I love. I guess I would end as I begun, I love being alive...feeling the gentle breeze  as it comes through my window. 



  1. I loved learning more about you by reading what you love!!!

  2. Awww I love what you are loving girl :) I think it's great that you get along with your in-laws and I was sad to read that you lost your mom at such a young age! Your man is such a keeper too! It's little things like coffee every morning that make a marriage last forever! You couldn't have said it better about blogger friendships as well! Thanks for joining in! Happy Friday!

    P.S I am envious that you live in such a beautiful part of the world! That sunset was stunning!


  3. Suz....I am feeling blue today. Reading your list is so lovely and positive. I love sunset over the plains and over Arizona as well. Also your post title is a Cure reference. So one of the loves I love today is you.

  4. We have sooooo much in common. I love my man too and my family and and and . We have beautiful sunsets every single night like that on our river here in Canada.
    Love you list. I agree with you 100% on blogging friends. They truly are the best ever.
    Happy Lovin' Fridays.
    Love Claudie

  5. Lovely post!
    Sunsets are just the best!

  6. What a lucky day for me to have you comment on my blog and then find your blog to enjoy and follow. How heartwarming to read the things you love. Thank you for sharing. Happy Loving Life...

  7. it's so wonderful that you have such love for all your friends and family...your husband sounds wonderful! very sweet post!
    xo natalea

  8. Suz, that was such a nice post! It's so nice to learn more about you and everything that you love! Your family sounds beautiful... how luck for them t0 have you!

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  10. great post! Beautiful pictures of those sunsets! Isnt it nice to be content with our lives!?
    and happy weekend!

  11. Oh, Suz.
    What a beautiful, beautiful post. You are such a caring, loving, fabulous person. I think I will re-read this several times to get to know you more! The Committee of Mothers is something EVERYone should have! And we finally get to see Jud!! Yay. The love of your mother is so transparent, thank you for sharing that. What a great way to end my day. Thank you.

  12. What a sweet hubby to frame your moms veil! And love those sunsets! I love a good sunset, my kids now come running to tell me if I am missing one!

  13. What a touching post! A two kleenex one.

    (My husband brings me coffee in bed too, isn't it the sweetest and most romantic thing?)

  14. What a beautiful post. You live such a full life. Reading it puts me in such a sentimental mood.

  15. What a lovely post ... I smiled all the way through it! Isn't it great to be able to say "It's good to be me"?

    I'm following your lovely blog ... you're right ... it's way more than just jewelry! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  16. What a wonderful post, Suz!!! Loved seeing what you love and it makes me adore your sweet Jud even more knowing that he brings you a cup of hot coffee every morning. What a love! :-)

  17. You are so blessed to have so much love surrounding you and that you are grateful for it! Many take these things for granted and miss God's pouring out His faithfulness and love every day! I am reading this early in the morning and I think it is a wonderful start to my day! God bless you and your family and thanks for visiting my blog and making a wonderful comment- appreciate it! :^) patsy

  18. Such a wonderful post! We should live life to the fullest. I have a wooden plaque in my bedroom that reads Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life). We are so blessed! Hugs, Melissa

  19. I'm glad that you found my blog. I've been away from it for a while, but back at it again. I do the same thing, when I join a swap. You find some great places that you normally not find. Your jewelry is lovely! I'll be keeping an eye on both your blog & etsy site. Thanks again for stopping by!