Monday, April 19, 2010

'Tis good to give...

..but it is a whole lot of fun to receive! I can't wait to show you the matchboxes that I received from the Petite Inspiration Matchbox Swap. As I told some of my swap partners, I felt as if I had been thrown from the Farm Team to the Major League! I had previously looked at all these women's blogs and they are all VERY talented! 

I am so charmed by what I received and love this process of making something beautiful out of something as simple as a matchbox! So on we go...

First, the picture on the top. The box at the back is created by Steph Oyler. It is covered by the most beautiful sage green , pink and lavender glittered flowers and has beautiful sage velvet braided trim on either side. The bird is surrounded by flowers and has a beautiful tail feather, gracefully swept forward. You can see the adorable blue tutu-ed ballerina in front of her box. Love it. Pam Keravuori created the one under the first one. She used a two-toned blue polka-dotted paper and the same elegant bird as Stephanie. The box is edged with antique cream lace and has my initial on it (Yay! I love my initial) connected by a brad that matches the paper. In the front of the box, she has a pink frame with the word "nest" written on it in pencil (cool). It is hooked by four tiny brads. You can see the wonderful vintage (1940's) Japanese bird swooping in front of her box. I loved the bluebird button card with the different buttons. Isn't that cute?

This is a box created by Catherine Aguilera. I remember seeing Catherine and her beautiful daughter at Silver Bella. I should have said beautiful Catherine and her beautiful daughter...they are both stunning. Catherine's box has the sweetest pink bird in a white-washed nest with a fluffy pink feather underneath. It is flowing in the breeze right now (the breeze is from the ceiling fan!). I love to watch it. Well, as I would have imagined, everything Catherine placed in her pink-flocked, antique-papered box was done with such attention to detail. There are little tiny file folder labels at the top of some of the goodies, stapled with teeny-tiny staples. One of them held the most gorgeous white iridescent angel wings. There was also a set of the tiniest garden tools, with a beautiful brass patina. Many things were wrapped with thin bits of pastel seam-binding and had tiny labels. Just so lovely!

On the upper section is Steph's box again. You can see the vintage wallpaper border poking out. It is a nice-sized hunk of it. I missed the window of opportunity for finding vintage wallpaper and I treasure every little bit! There is also an adorable gold-wired nest that I am guessing she wove herself, with three tiny bird eggs inside. That is my family! Jud, Kat and I! Steph and I both love Easter so she included the sweetest little chickie gift tags! The chick actually has a party hat on! She also included some extra treats, including a black cherry scented pen (truly smells great!) and, joy of joy, some printed packing tape! Everyone's box was sealed with this tape except mine :-( but now I can have my packages that are pretty on the outside, too! :-). Under Steph's, is another picture of Steph and Pam's boxes. 

I just love them all! Aren't they little treasures? 

I laugh when I read some of this because I sound sort of like a cross between someone who is writing copy for a fashion show and a sixty-year-old kindergarten teacher! I think it is because I love these boxes so much. I just ooh and ahhh over every little part of them. They must sit by my bed for months before they move to the craft room and then a cannot take anything out of them for several more months. I am always a little sad because the creators make and place everything so perfectly inside the box and I can never get them to look quite the same.

And, yes, I am a little odd! But odd in a sort of...ummm...contented way. And I have found a whole tribe of odd people just like me. Really, there are many more of us. Be afraid...

P.S. Thanks, Kat, for taking picture for me. I was busy filling my May Basket. That's another story!

P.S.S. My dear friend, the talented Lynn Richards, has a beautiful give-away on her blog. Just click on Blue Skies under my favorites. Check it out! 


  1. Oh! you sound perfect! Just like You!
    They are beautiful~ you must be having so much fun!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. Hi Suz, I'm so happy you enjoyed our nesting swap! You certainly spoiled me with all the goodies you sent! Isn't it wonderful to see what comes out of each other's stash?!

  3. this is such a lovely swap idea. it is completely enchanting.
    thanks for sharing..and inspiring.
    (and supporting!)


  4. Hello Sweet Friend, So glad that you enjoyed the matchbox and the little gifts tucked inside. I am still admiring the stash of goodies that you sent me! The matchbox you created is just simply stunning....I love all the attention to detail--I absolutely loved sharing this swap experience with you, Catherine, and Pam!!

  5. Hi Suz,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment. You really made my day! You and your daughter have a beautiful blog. The petite inspiration boxes are adorable - both the one you made and the ones you received. I've taken part in Heather's little box swaps in the past and they are always fun little treasures.


  6. Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your lovely comment. Your blog is beautiful and your jewelry is fabulous. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week. Terri

  7. The little birdies are such a nice touch!

  8. Suz, it is wonderful to find other who enjoy these little treasures. Many of my friends think I am a little odd...they say, "Oh yes Catherine crafts" It has been amazing to find Silver Bella and all the wonderful talented women. Thanks for your kind words and thanks again for my wonderful box as well :)

  9. thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
    you have amazing stories to tell!!! i am so happy for the richness of your life. truly you are blessed.

    take care...every day, take care.


  10. How fun those little boxes of goodies look! Thank You for sharing the photos. Would of loved to of been in on the swap. Let me know the next time you do one and I will swap anytime.......

  11. These are outstanding!! Pretty amazing they started as match boxes!

  12. Those ares sweet treasures! And I feel totally the same way, I love leaving everything just the way it came because I can't bear to take anything apart. It takes me ages before I can actually use them!

    So, what have you come up with for the party? Did you get my email to the other account? I should send you one from my other account. I will have to do that. But I would love to hear your plans!

  13. Oh my! These are some beautiful matchboxes!

  14. these matchboxes are darling!
    i think that fairies have definitely
    sprinkled magic into them & they are
    destined to make everyone happy!
    so nice to "meet" you, st. paul friends!x

  15. Hi Suz
    Swaps are so much fun! I love all the detail on your match boxes wow! I have been having much fun with my Marie Antoinette art group.
    What classes did you sign up for at Silver Bella? Hope we have some together. I am doing a vendor table this year. Can't wait to see both you and Donna again. Take care and hugs Denise