Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rare Zoological find- a hoax!

It turns out that this photo of the "rare six-legged sniffer" is really just Sophie and Harvey, the infamous fluffybutts!

I wonder what they've found... if it's stinky and dead, sweet little Sophie will probably try to roll in it.


  1. Had to come and comment here first . I adopted two dogs just like yours up there. Yes except they have 8 little fur legs lol
    Sister and brother, Sasha and Lucky, they are 12 now. Their previous owners surrendered them. They locked them up in a cage in the basement with bark collars on for over 3 years. They are now with us, and the rest of our adopted babies. We have 7 in total, live on an acre one the river. Sasha and Lucky are treasured for sure. I will sent you a pic. If you go to "my profile" you will see them.