Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Runway...A Great Class!

Project Runway was my first class, taught by my blog friend, Colette Copeland of A Bird in the Hand. I have been following her blog (and buying some of her pictures) during the last year and love her style, often thoughtful, sometimes witty, and totally appealing. In this class, we decorated three vintage dresses on a clothesline.

My intention was to do a full "outline" of a class but I would have to go on forever! This, though, is the beginning of the must think and think. This is my dear friend, Donna, doing just that.

This is a class member who is beginning to stitch her project. We were given full reign to stitch, glue, do whatever we wanted to do. Most of us brought our own supplies but Colette also brought us some cool items. 

This is such a sweet dress. The material in the background is French print and was given us to Colette who is from Canada and is bilingual.

This is a totally different interpretation, in soft pinks.

This is a lovely set, in sepia, brown and black. 

Here's another one that uses country-like materials, just charming.

Here is one with darling images. I see an adorable Paper Whimsy girl in the middle

I believe this one was created from family photos. What a sweet looking grandmotherly woman!

Isn't this a dear piece? Such an adorable little girl!

This woman is using a lot of embroidery on her piece.

Here is mine, still in process, but almost done. The pictures are baby pictures of Kat, Jud and I. I changed the dress to knickers for Jud. If you click on this, you an see the baby pictures better. 

And this is me and the lovely Colette. Not really the best people of either of us. She is a small, pretty woman. I am the one with the craft apron by Jem and my smile is getting cheesier and cheesier. 

A lovely time was had by all. It was such a cooperative group. Everyone shared their supplies and ideas so readily. I really enjoyed it. 


  1. How fun Suz! These projects are super cute! You must have had a blast creating them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. As a fellow Project Runway geek freak (I am calling MYSELF that) I love this idea!! I have been trying to come up with a new swap on MAMA that would be fun and girly.......a swap of little dresses would be so fun!!! I had a darling dress template in one of the Somerset Life issues I think and I just kept looking at the past year or so. I will let you know.

    Are you watching the new design show with Iman or however you say her name? Can't say that I am wild about her....but the designers seem talented.

    xox Rella

  3. I think your photo is just beautiful, Suz! What a wonderful idea! I need to remember the clothesline idea...I really love it! Gave me ideas already...but I can't work on them yet! (Thanksgiving!)

    Hope you're having a lovely day, my dear friend!


  4. Suz, You have the BEST cheesy smile ever! It makes me smile as does these wonderful projects you have been sharing. I love the first photo of the student "thinking", always the hardest part of any project. I hope you and your family have such a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Elizabeth

  5. Oh my goodness. Lucky girl getting to go to Silver Bella. Love your sweet dresses and the knickers. Someday I am going to get to go there, until then, I will just live vicariously through you. And if you ever run into any cool classes here, give me a shout...

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Drive safely, I hear we are getting snow/ice on Saturday. I am still waiting for the last storm to melt, apparently, it's not going to though. Bummer!

  6. Now THIS class I really could have accomplished! Such a clever idea. Love your knickers!

    Just wanted to pop in and wish your family a blessed Thanksgiving! Hope all is going well!

    Hugs ~~ Connie

  7. Dear Suz, you've done me proud. You showed a wonderful selection (including your adorable knickers..). There was so much talent and imagination in that room. I am so proud of all of us!!!

    xoxox Colette

    P.S. I waved at you as I changed planes at MSP airport for my flight home.

  8. Those little knickers are too stinkin' cute, Suz! And I love your two projects in the last post too!

  9. How adorable, all so different and Love thise knickers!

  10. Suz, the knickers are too cute! What an event!

  11. How adorable are these!!! I soooo want to do some. What fun you must of had...

    Sending you lots of love for a great Thanksgiving my creative friend...and thank you sooooo much for your sweet always brighten my day. xoxoxo

  12. wonderful post and how great that you took the time to snap pics in the middle of all that creative frenzy...Your creations are you!

    sending BIG Love and all good wishes to you and yours!

  13. this is such an adorable idea..i will have to sit down and do something like this with my daughter is sweet, fun and cute.....


    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  14. I finally went through all your Silver Bella posts!! How wonderful!! I missed a fabulous event!! oxox