Sunday, November 7, 2010

Silver Bella Sachet Swap *Spoiler*

On Wednesday, I fly to Omaha for Silver Bella, a wonderful creative extravaganza. I am taking part in a sachet swap in which we knew a few things about our partners and then created something that fit them. This first one is for a woman who loved old photos and anything but primary colors. Interestingly, she and I went to the same YWCA camp when we were twelve! I didn't get a very good photo...there is more vintage lace at the bottom and flowers that are similar to the second sachet at the top. The sachets are about seven inches square...that was the max and I think she was kidding!!! I found I had a hard time thinking small. I made all of the sachets from old linen napkins that I dyed. I also dyed some lace along with some of them. I used Lesley Riley's TAP for the it. Understand that I haven't sewed on a machine since about seventh grade. I had a ways to go. I also put a little decoration on the back but I won't go that far into detail! On this one, I made a little necklace and draped it across the back. The front of the sachets are generally hand sewn or fused on. 

This is for one of our swap leaders, Susie, who loves roses. The graphic is from The Vintage Workshop.  I really had fun using my stash of good "stuff." Once I got over the hump of actually doing it, it seemed like an act of giving. The rose on the bottom is from Karen of Creative Chaos. I bought a bunch of really nice roses from her, since I don't have a huge stash of millinery flowers.

This one is for a woman who loves Oriental items. The graphic is also from The Vintage Workshop. I coffee-dyed a vintage handkerchief for the bottom and the brown ribbon surrounding the pink. It really brought out the detail in both.  I put the flower in the dye and it is still in the same family, though lighter.

This one is for our other swap hostess, Lisa, who loves birds and chocolate. The picture is of birds surrounding a cocoa pitcher. You can get a better idea of the bottom of the sachets in this picture.

I had a lot of fun doing these, even though it was a bit outside my comfort level. I will show you four more tomorrow. 


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Every one is just precious and the details are stunning!


  2. Have a great time Suz!! Your sachets look beautiful!

  3. Oh, beautiful! Intricate and BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Beautiful- what a fun idea for a swap. I know what you mean about sewing being outside your comfort level. I used to sew clothes when I was in high school with about an 80% failure rate- but sewing when you don't have to worry about fit, interfacing, finishing seams and inseting sleeves is fun.

  5. Good morning, Suz! Oh, my! Your sachets for the swap are just gorgeous!

    How wonderful that you're going to Silver Bella...What an adventure! Hope it's just magical--can't wait to hear all about it!

    Have a lovely day, my friend!


  6. Suz, they are just lovely! I'm sure the ladies who are getting these are going to be thrilled. I hope you have a wonderful time at Silver Bella!

  7. Suz, these are stunning! You have such a way with mixing colors and textures. The recipients are going to be thrilled!

  8. We will finally meet this week and I am so excited. Franc and I will leave in the morning, drive to Kansas City and stay for a couple of days and then head to Omaha on Thursday morning. See you thursday!

  9. Each one is OH SO LOVELY Suz!
    What treasures, looks like you and your printer are getting along famously, your TAP transfers are super!

    What a lot of fun it will be to hear about your Bella adventures!

  10. Love your sachets and the fact that each is individual. Safe Travels to Silver Bella...

  11. OOH can't wait to see you again Suz! Hope you love your swap goodies!! Smiles, Mendy