Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silver Bella...Little Sisters

I have brothers, four to be exact. I love them all but I have always longed for a sister. I have been very lucky to have some wonderful "sisterly" relationships with friends and family. Still, I seem to embrace every opportunity to play the "sister" role. 

One of the special parts of Silver Bella is the Big/Little Sister program. I was given Julie Jones from Illinois as my Little Sister. Needless to say, I was delighted! 

One of the jobs of the Big Sister is to answer the questions (and calm the performance anxiety) of the Little Sister. The other is to send them little treats. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for little treats, given or received.  

The "sleuth" in me was determined to find out what Julie liked and what kinds of things she created. Well, I could not have been luckier. Julie was coming to Silver Bella with her real sister, Merry Gray from Missouri. I found out Merry's email on the Silver Bella blog and wrote her a letter asking about Julie. I also asked whether she had gotten her Big Sister yet. Her response, "Well, I was kind of hoping you would be my Big Sister." How could I resist? I was totally delighted to have not just one, but, two Little Sisters!!!

Julie and Merry met us soon after my roommate, Donna, and I got to Omaha and started our day by taking us out to lunch. They are the kind of people who make you feel instantly comfortable.  You can see us up at the top, Julie on my left and Merry on my right. The best was yet to come.

Silver Bella has been my birthday present for the last two years. I have also celebrated my birthday at Silver Bella for the last two years. My Little Sisters (and my wonderful roommate) made it so much fun. Every time I returned to my room, there was a surprise under my door or hanging on the doorknob. I received a beautiful German silver glittered bird (with a crown), a plaque, a note pad, darling vintage cutouts, vintage wrapping paper. All kinds of fun. The biggest thrill were the flowers above. Julie and Merry made beautiful tissue paper flowers and attached them to my door. Even the maids were delighted. I left them up the whole time. I felt so special!

The Embassy Suites are built around an open court. Merry and Julie were able to watch Donna and I as we approached the door, as they were directly across from us. I am sure they could hear our squeals, too!
Surprises are just wonderful. It continues to make me happy inside just looking at the picture of my door. 

Thank you, Julie and Merry. You were wonderful Little Sisters! I hope we keep in touch and I hope to see you again!


  1. How wonderful, Suz! What a perfect way to spend your birthday...surrounded by beautiful creativity and creative friends...sisters.

    So glad you're sharing these special memories with us!

    Hope you're having a lovely day, my friend!


  2. Suz, The smile on your face in the first picture says it all :) What a wonderful event!

  3. Hi Suz, How wonderful we share the same Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, I am sure you did at Silver Bella, that sounds like so much fun, I hope some day to go. Happy Birthday. Hugs, Terri

  4. Hi Suz, thanks for the kind words you left on my blog. I missed going to SB this year. Looks like you had a wonderful time and birthday! I am so glad that the girls took care of you in such a special way!

  5. I missed your BIRTHDAY?????? Not good. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Little Sisters sound like a ton of fun. Like you own private sorority.
    love you!

  6. I have six sisters already - but the more the merrier, I think. Glad you found a couple of sweet little sisters! Silver Bella sounds like so much fun. Wish I were craftier.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you. You get younger every year, I'm sure. :-)

  7. Suz;
    What a wonderful birthday gift! You are very blessed. Happy belated birthday. I have two older sisters but I have always wanted a little brother! LOL. Hugs to you my dear friend.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Suz! I also have four brothers and no sisters! How fun to have two little sisters for a weekend!

  9. Suz, thanks for the lovely post. We LOVED being your little sisters. I've only ever been a big sister so it was fun to be pampered and guided, as you did for us! I'm still putting all my goodies away you have sent me. I'm glad you liked all the bday treats, we had fun picking them out and trying to sneak to your door when you weren't there! Now, back to reality. I got your email about Jud's cancer. I'll follow the Caring Bridge site and if there's ANYthing I can do, please call on me.
    Hugs, Julie

  10. Hi Suz,
    When is your B-day? My dear mum has hers on the 15th of Nov. which is why I didn't come this year. I am so excited how things turned out and that you made some new dear friends. Which part of MO are they from? Oh, I so wish I could have been there too! Love and Blessings! me