Monday, November 8, 2010

More Silver Bella Sachets *Spoiler*

Thank you so much for your nice comments about my sachets. You know how it is when you try something have that bit of insecurity and it was nice to hear your support.
Here is the next batch...

This was a hard one. This woman likes birds and collections, calligraphy and strange writing, postage stamps, and the "real thing," like mother of pearl buttons. After a lot of looking, I found this wonderful graphic (this was pure serendipity). The graphic has a heart of broken china superimposed over calligraphy (hooray!). Above the heart there is a little bird (hooray!) and a postage stamp (can you believe it?). I put five mother of pearl buttons underneath and a folded vintage hankie on the bottom because it picked up the colors...and she liked nature, too :-). 

This is for the daughter of the woman I went to camp with as a twelve year old. One of her favorite things was Jane Austin. I think I had most fun with color with this sachet. I love the pink ribbon around the picture. Kat and Jud found me a wonderful box of old lace and ribbon at an estate sale one day when I wasn't feeling so good. Talk about something that cheered me up! The ribbon around that is old velvet. Nothing like it. So much more plush than our velvet today! The lace at the bottom is old but very well-preserved. It is actually white and very delicate!

And this one is for my dear friend, Donna (who will be my roommate).  We have known each other since we were twelve but became very good friends in college. When we were in college, we fell in love with the work of an artist named Sulamith Wulfing. Her paintings are very transparent and spiritual. This one shows a young child who appears to be a young deity and is illuminated. I knew this was the one! I put some rhinestones at the top and scatted a few through the lace on the sides. The two rows of lace on the bottom are beautiful old pieces that were in the box of magic from Jud and Kat. I hope she will like it. I wonder if she will recognize the picture and painter!

This is the last. This graphic is a little hard to see but is the most incredible Art Nouveau picture of "under the sea," one of the swappee's loves. I tried to make everything "wavy" and show a lot of motion. The ribbons were from a gift from Jud years ago, the Trim and Treasure Monthly Club at Flight of Fancy Boutique. Now keep in mind, I wasn't really doing much of anything with fabric at the time. I just loved the trims because they were beautiful! Kat found me a great sequined piece to use as sort of a "treasure box" in the lower left hand corner. Well, I lost it. We all looked for it for days. I was sick. It was perfect. Finally I used a piece of gold mesh, a gold-edged shell, a rhinestone and some pearls and created my own treasure. I was pleased and forgot the other piece...which never showed up! The bottom lace snagged a lot in the washer and dryer (not nice to do with vintage lage but perfect for this one. It almost looks like netting, though it is hard to see that in the photograph).

So, that is all. My gift boxes are huge and the sachets sort of "rest" at the bottom. Somehow I still don't manage to get all my ducks in a row.  I know the swap hostess will have a huge laugh. She was the one that made the seven inch rule. If I bend over the bottom lace and trim,  they are seven inches :-) . Luckily she is a good friend! 

I will have to share my Upcycled Treasures necklace tomorrow. It is very close to done! Then, of course, I will have to share all of the fun of Silver Bella!


  1. oo suz, they are all so beautiful!! well done!

  2. Oh have so much fun at Silver Bella..that is one place I would love to be heading to.

    Your work is amazing. xoxoxo

  3. Suz, these make me wish I was in the sachet swap! They're all just beautiful, and you put so much effort into getting them just right for each person. They'll be thrilled! See you at SB!

  4. Suz...these are all so beautiful! I can't believe I am headed that way tomorrow! See you then!


  5. ooo Suz!
    each sachet is a work of art! and such a gift of the heart too! enjoyed each and every closeup view ... your swap partners will be over the moon! The ingredients you used are so yummy and of course SPECIAL like you!
    I featured you and Kat and Robin on my T Tuesday post today ... hard to really thank you properly for the lovely lovely gifts I won!

  6. Oh Suz, how lovely. Your swap partners are very fortunate. have a wonderful time at SB, and take lots of photos to share with us.

  7. You did such a great job! Have fun and take lots of pix!

    Sandy xo

  8. Your sachets are not only beautiful they are very thoughtful and personal for each recipient. Your attention to detail is amazing. Happy and safe trip to Silver Bella my dear...

  9. I think that these are so VERY pretty- you did a beautiful job. Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella you lucky girl!

  10. Oh my goodness! Those sachets are really did an incredible job. Your swap partners will be thrilled. Have a fantastic time in Omaha!

  11. Hi-
    Just catching up here... Your sachets are beautiful! Love them all, and I know your recipients will also adore them. And Silver Bella! Wow, you are going to have such a wonderful time, wish I could sneak into your suitcase and go with you. Enjoy it enough for all the rest of us who don't get to attend!

    Love the outfit for the benefit. Hope you had a wonderful time, and you both looked great.

  12. Can't wait to see all your STUFF from Silver Bella this year!

  13. These to me are fabric versions of your jewelry. There are so many different textures and layers. Just beautiful. You have such an eye for fine detail. Elizabeth

  14. Suz, what a huge pleasure to meet you AND have you and Donna in my class. You are a joy!

  15. Suz,
    These are HEAVENLY! Hope you have/had a grand time at Silver Bella.

    You probably didn't realize it but you & Kat are my current mentors. I'm trying to gather up the energy to start listing some items on Etsy - and your Katsui shop is my ideal. Your photographs are amazing, your descriptions are delightful - and of course, you have fabulous things to sell too! I included a couple of your lovely jewelry items in my most recent post...