Friday, November 5, 2010

The Halloween Greeter...

Guess who greeted the little children at our door on Halloween? Well, it was a Punk Panda, of the female variety. Here she is! You can see the black and white part (that symbolizes the panda). What you might not be able to see as well in the panda ears. Maybe this next picture will help you!

A Punk Panda had ears of hair, black around her eyes and a little black nose. Punk Panda's may look a little frightening but actually are quite gentle and very pleasant around humans. 

P.S. Would would ever guess that she was a drama major in college?


  1. LOL! This made me giggle. She looks great! She seems like she is such a fun gal!

  2. Love the make up under the nose and the cut-offs!

  3. love punk panda!

    here's a fun fact. i am in a documentary of a punk band -- they just had the dvd release party. yep, back in the day, before i was tinkering in pink, i was a punk dj. i dressed more like salvation army skipper than punk rock panda but i can appreciate a fun get-up any ol' day!

    happy weekend ~ enjoy the extra hour!


  4. I love Kat. She is so gorgeous as a this punk panda!

  5. So her leggings/high soxs.

    Hugs for a great day my sweet friend...thank you for visiting me the other day. xoxoxo