Sunday, November 28, 2010


We are waiting, expectantly
for the coming of the angels,
His parents,
the shepherds, the animals,
the Star, the Babe,
and the wise men, the coming
of the Christmas miracle

It is truly winter in Minnesota now. We drove to Rochester for Thanksgiving (in the snow) to spend time with the Iverson family. Iver has Multiple Melonoma and just had his second stem cell transplant. He is a wonderful example of living with cancer. We have been dear friends for a long, long time. We had set this up before Jud's diagnosis and hoped to be of support to them. Instead, they ended up being support to us! Interesting how things happen, isn't it?  We cried, we laughed, we were mad at the whole deal and we were so grateful for the time together. 

Tomorrow is a big day. We go see the oncologist and surgeon at the University of Minnesota. We heard the surgeon is incredibly knowledgable and that he knows what is happening across the country in the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer. They will review all Jud's records first-hand and tell us about his options. I will tell you honestly, we are scared. Jud has three arteries involved. He has this little tumor that is barely making him sick at this point but it is surrounding such critical places. He needs surgery for any chance of five-year survival, yet we don't know if it would be too dangerous. There are advances, including a Cyber-Knife at Stanford, which can cut more accurately. We are pinning out hopes on things like this.

So far, I will call this a journey of hope. Sometime diminishing hopes. Last week we were still hoping this was pancreatitis. Then we hoped there weren't arteries involved. Now we are hoping that the new technologies will help. Each "hope" seems as important as the last, and it keeps us going on.

We have received so much love from friends. Amidst the sadness, there is still joy and laughter. I do plan to answer those who have responded here. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. I read your responses again and again. We are loving each other and trying not to bicker over what's the most important when we are stressed.We feel the presence of God with us, much as we did when we lost twin sons thirty years ago. 

It's a journey. A journey of hope in this season of Hope. Please continue to travel with us. We need you right now!

P. S. Jud also has a Caring Bridge site. He loves to get messages there and each morning, asks me if there are new ones. Please write him there, if you are so moved. Just say that you are a friend of Kat and Sue's from the blog. He is so tickled to get something from someone we know.


  1. hi suz - i tried going to the caring bridge site and it ways you need a password for jud's page...was going to say hello

  2. Suz, what a beautiful post! Hey, the hospital I work at a research director, Central DuPage, in Winfield, IL has a new proton beam and Alexian Brothers, just about half an hour away has a gamma knife. Ask about those possibilities too. You could stay with us if that works out for a treatment option! Hugs, Julie

  3. We are keeping positive thoughts with you all. Thank you for being so open and keeping us informed via blog and caring bridge.

  4. Oh gosh, I wish I had the right words for you! I will say it's amazing the technology that's out there -- cyber and gamma knives are incredible things. I also believe so much in prayer (even if you're not the "religious" type, prayers can go to many different calming entities). I'm thinking of you all so very much.

  5. Suz....I'm so sorry to hear the news. Believe me, I know what you're going through right now. If you need anything at all please email me. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now....

  6. HEy suz....what's the password for jud's page?

  7. oh, friend, I'm so so glad you found comfort in going to see the Iverson family. There's nothing quite like someone holding your burden for you and completely understanding. BIG hugs to all of you.

  8. Suz, you betcha I'll stay in touch and if I can get onto Jud's caring bridge page I would love to introduce myself and let him know we are praying for him and your entire family! And what a wonderful person I met a Silver Bella by the name of Suz! I'm so glad you have access to UofM and such a great oncologist. Sending virtual {{{hugs}}}

  9. Hopeful travels Kat. We are all along for this ride with you. Elizabeth

  10. Sweet Suz,
    I just wanted you to know you and Jud have been in my prayers and thoughts.
    I loved meeting you at SB and I pray that God gives you strength through the trials you`ll be going through.
    Love and Blessings-
    Kim :0)

  11. Hi Suz,
    Holding you and Jud both up in daily prayer.
    Hold onto that hope and faith. You are not alone! Much love, Laura

  12. Hope is a powerful tool. Positive thinking is equally powerful. Prayers for your journey and strength for your exhausting days ahead. Hold one another tight...

  13. Oh Suz, hold on to that hope, miracles happen every day and this is the time of year for miracles!!! I'm living proof of such miracles!
    The power of prayer can do so much. I'll keep you and yours in my prayers and I'm sending Jud a little poem that might help!
    Stay strong
    hugs Lynn

  14. Suz, I tried to access the page and was unable to do so.
    I'm going to send you a p.m , maybe you can pass it on to Jud!

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog this weekend.

    I will include you and Jud in my prayers and thoughts. Praying for a miracle for your family.


  16. Hello Dear Ones ~ it is always helpful to be able to talk to those that have walked where you are headed and how special to visit with friends...I see a healthy theme of "allowing" everything to come up...tears...laughter...fear and HOPE.
    Wish I could express exactly what is in my heart....prayers and healing energy continue to wing their way to you all!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Suz
    Good wishes your way as you all travel this difficult path.

  18. Suze, I just want to give you and yours a great big cyber hug ((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))

  19. Just still here. So glad you are keeping us informed. I really appreciate the courage it takes to do that.

    My love to you.

  20. OH dear...Natalea did psss this news on to me and I have been waiting for a time when I wasnt feeling rushed so I could spend a little time writing something thoughful. But i dont seem to be able to find that sort of time lately... (whine whine!) But I can say that I am so very sorry that you and your husband and families have to go through this. I hate getting older.. it seems that I hear this type of news all to often these days. I wish I lived near by, I would bake something and come sit and talk about crafts and blogging for a while to try to take your mind off the situation. but I dont, and I cant.. but I can promise to pray for you all. And I will do that.
    I just hate that your husband is sick. Make sure he knows that I will be sending up some prayers for him.
    and big hugs to you!!!
    Keep us posted.

  21. Suz, I am so sorry to hear this news...this must be SO difficult for you right now. Please know that I am sending good thoughts your way and I will keep you and your husband, and family in my thoughts and prayers XOXO

  22. Suz, I'll keep hoping for you as well...please take care.