Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleep in Heavenly Peace...

                                                       picture by Zdenek Sasak

We arrived home after dark from our appointment at Park Nicollet, which also happens to be Jud's clinic and hospital. We felt quite good about our visit. We immediately connected with the oncologist, Melissa Sampson. Our friend, Kathy, described her as a "sterling human being." It describes her well. She is warm, kind, extremely intelligent, honest and well-versed in the area She helped us sort out a lot of our concerns.

Melissa divided the treatments roughly into those that focused on a chemo/radiation program, at the start and those that focused on the new True Beam-type programs which use radioactive knives. The best program in the first area is MD Anderson. The most prominent one in the second area is John Hopkins with Stanford also in the running. Mayo, while good at many cancer treatments, does not  have as good a reputation in the area of pancreatic cancer. We were ready to head there for a second opinion and will now go a different direction.

Our immediate plan is to visit the program at Stanford, which is now the Patrick Swayze program. Then we will be able to compare the two types of programs. We have dear friends who live only five miles from the clinic and have been invited to stay with them. We really feel we need to see this program first-hand to understand the differences. If is looks better for Jud, we will move out there for five-six months.

The MD Anderson protocol is also the one that Park Nicollet follows. Melissa feels very confident in her ability to treat Jud during this phase of his treatment. Jud and I could stay at home and have the same excellent treatment.

We will deal with the surgery part of the program when we get there. We hear the same name over and over again when people talk about this procedure and that is reassuring. He is also located in the Twin Cities.

Jud is asleep. Our shattered nerves are calming as we approach a plan. My guess is that Jud could begin treatment in a week and a half.

So tonight, I think we will both sleep.

You, too. I hope you sleep well. Thank you so much for being with us on this journey. May you sleep in Heavenly Peace!


  1. Very glad to hear your journey is giving you some options and clarity. Sleep well. Prayers for continued success on your path to healing.

  2. So many choices and options...I'm glad you have such good ones! I think it's such a relief to have someone tell you what you need and to develop a plan of action.

    I live just a little over an hour from Stanford. If you end up coming here, I would love to come and meet you at some point when it works for you! I realize you're not coming here for "fun", but a little visit once in a while is a good thing!

    I love that sweet image of the baby sleeping so peacefully...I wish for you and Jud the same peace tonight...and whenever you need it. You're both in my prayers.


  3. Exactly, a PLAN. You can just start with the baby steps and focus energy. SO glad. Wow. Big decisions. All encompassing treatments.

    I embrace you both, and Kat, in my love.

  4. Suz,
    Lullaby and goodnight
    With roses be dight
    With lilies bedecked
    In baby's wee bed

    Lay thee down now and rest
    May thy slumber be blessed
    Lay thee down now and rest
    May thy slumber be blessed

    Sweet dreams,

  5. Glad to hear next steps are coming into view for you all. And think of it this way, it's probably beautiful weather in California right now! In the midst of difficult discussions and decisions, you can take some time to look up in the sky and let the California sun shine on your face. We're all praying sun will shine on your family always!

  6. i always feel comforted by a plan...will keep my positive thoughts flowing your way...

  7. Wonderful... a plan helps you focus on the solution, not the problem. Hugs to you both.

    (When the title of this post came up on my computer, Silent Night began playing on the cd I'm listening to) :)

  8. Still rooting for you here in PA, Suz! Give that man of yours a hug from me and thanks for sharing your plan with us.

  9. So glad you have options and choices, so you can decide what to do...sounds like you have a good doctor and a good plan...XO

  10. I came here by way of my friend, Sue at My Art's Desire. I will be holding you and your family close in my heart and prayers.

    You might like to read my post about my friend, Mitch Meacham. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer four years ago. I truly believe his message of hope would help you. Here is the link:

  11. Oh no, what a difference a week has on our lives. I just want to reach out and hug you all. You will be on my heart all this week. Know that a friend of ours suffered from pancreatic cancer five years ago now, and he is a wonderful example of faith and love and hope. He just got his five year all clear check up. Every time I see him today, he is a reminder of the power of prayer and love.
    Know you are in my thoughts and prayers, and if you ever need anything, even if it is only to run and let a dog out, just let me know1

  12. Suz,
    Having a plan is such a comfort. If you do end up in Stanford, I will fly up and bring you hugs and kisses. It's only an hour flight from here. Otherwise, I will send hugs and kisses through the internet, prayer and snail mail!!!

  13. Dear Suz,
    thankyou for your kind visit-
    I an sorry to read about your husbond, and what you are both goíng through.
    I hope you can find the best working treatment for your husbon, and wishes you all the best.

  14. The hardest part of any illness is the "not knowing what you're dealing with" part. It sounds like some good plans are materializing for Jud and you and with a plan comes hope. I am thinking of you and praying for strength and guidance and comfort for you every day...even if I am not visiting. I wish you nights of sleep and refreshment. Thank you for keeping us updated Suz.
    Take care~

  15. God bless knowledge. God bless you both in your journey. Elizabeth

  16. Hi Suz, I "met" you through Pat's (Whyte Paper) blog and her Silver Bella post. I began clicking and found your blog, I just want to say, although I am a stranger to you...your story of your husbands illness has touched me and I will also say prayers for you both. Keep the faith.

  17. Suz, I feel terrible about not touching base with you sooner. I am just flabbergasted by your news, and can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions all of you are going through now. It sounds like you have some promising options, and you're keeping positive thoughts. You, Jud and Kat are in my thoughts, and I hope that you get some answers and on the treatment path that is right for Jud.

  18. Oh Suz...I'm so very sorry. I'm just this morning reading about your husband - you are all in my prayers as are the doctors and those planning his treatment. My husband had colon cancer and just last month reached the five year mark! He is considered cured. That's my wish - that five years from now I'll read the same about Jud.
    xoxo Nancy
    May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand and bring you peace and healing.

  19. Praying.... and such a sweet post... I live about 45 minutes from MD if you go there you can stay with me!

  20. Suz, I am reading Jud's posts on his CB page, and am in awe of his eloquence, and (both of) your strong faith. I don't know what more to say except that you are in my prayers.

  21. no matter where you dear ones are
    asleep or awake
    prayers and healing wishes surround you

    you write so beautifully Suz and touch my heart so sweetly

    All Love to you and yours All Ways!

  22. Blessings to you both! Stay strong............

  23. I pray the treatment will be a success!


  24. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to touch base with you. It's been a bit... I bet you both are so tired. I'm thinking of you and Jud ofen and have been following this journey of life on his CB pages. Preayers are never ceasing.