Monday, December 20, 2010

A Visit from Saint Nick...

Several years ago a woman approached Jud at a conference. "You look like someone I know," she said, "but I just can't figure out who it is." "Well, I did teach at Phoenix," said Jud, "and I went to the conference in Minneapolis." "No, that's not it," she said. "I'll have to think about it."

Twenty minutes later, she returned. "You look like Santa Claus!" she cried. "You have those rosy red cheeks and those merry, twinkling eyes!" (He was also a bit heavier at that time and had the round little belly!)

So here he is...what do you think? Just imagine a little more hair, perhaps a white wig and beard...

Fast forward to this lovely couple. Some of you will remember Petar and Jelena. Petar was our much-loved exchange student son during his senior year of high school, after three very wonderful "daughters." Jud, Kat and I were lucky enough to attend their wedding in Croatia this September.

They were married at sunset in the Church of St. Nikolas by the Adriatic Sea.

Petar and Jelena sat in white satin chair during their wedding, gazing at the saint himself. Suddenly Petar started to laugh!

"He looks like Jud," said Petar to Jelena.

Those of use who know him can't help but agree!


  1. Such beautiful pictures and sweet stories. I have just read through your past several posts and am so sorry to hear of Jud's cancer. It certainly sounds like you are both staying positive and doing all that you can to find healing. Keeping you in thought and prayer, Tammy

  2. He DOES look like Santa!!! Perhaps it's time to sew him a costume and prepare him for 2011 duties!!!

    Precious post.

    xox Merry Christmas ~ Rella

  3. Suz this is such a poignant post. Yes, there is quite a jolly similarity. I truly believe in the magic of Santa. May you and Jud enjoy the magic of this season.

  4. OH how is Jud's wonderful joyful eyes!

  5. He truly does look like a happy Santa. May you both be showered with blessings this holiday season and in the new year. Hugs!


    Glad you are holding on to your smiles!

  7. I see you smiling Suz with the telling of this story and the "brother" story you shared with me.! It's a beautiful thing! E

  8. Suz;
    You know... I do, I do see Santa Claus! LOL! You are very blessed to be married to old Santa Claus himself! Is he a priest part-time too? LOL.
    Bless you Suz. I hope that you and Jud are doing well. I pray for you both.
    Hugs and blessings
    Merry Christmas Suz

  9. Suz,
    I just wanted to pop in and wish you and yours the very merriest of Christmases. Enjoy every moment.
    Your friend,

  10. I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus...:)
    Love this post put feelings...words and images together SO beautifully!

  11. It's in those beautiful eyes!!!!!!

  12. I echo Tammy's above sentiments...

    and yes, this really was a sweet post!
    I love the photo...the hair matches the shoes! how gorgeous!

    thanks for your visit!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  13. So magical!

    Sending you Christmas blessings of JOY and lOVE my sweet friend....xoxoxoxo

  14. Oh, what a beautiful story, Suz! Merry Christmas, sweet friend!!

  15. Definitely, Jud looks like Santa, but better-looking ;)

    Suz, I'm going to have to teach you how to sew on paper!!! It's very easy.


  16. Oh I love stories like this! And he does!

  17. Cute post! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  18. Hello Suz,
    he has that twinkle in his eyes!!
    Came over to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year.
    May all your wishes come true.

  19. Oh I agree that he looks like Santa, but he is waaaay cuter than any Santa I've ever seen! And you my dear, are prettier than any Mrs. Clause I've ever seen!!!
    Wishing you Joy this season.
    Hugs to you from here...

  20. Suz, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and that your day is filled with joy.

  21. Merry Christmas, Suz! Been thinking about you guys lots!
    Love to all,

  22. That is quite a story Suz. LOL.
    I do think it's his kind eyes...they draw you in =)

  23. Oh I agree totally ~ such a kind face and such twinkling eyes! Yes.. definitely! Blessings ~ kt