Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Petite Inspiration Box Swap, Nesting Edition...

Heather of Speckled Egg hosts a wonderful swap in which four players decorate large match boxes and fill them with vintage goodies. The creativity that is shown in making the match boxes is amazing. Check out the Flickr site here for a real treat...

I am always excited to see different styles that people have in their art creations.`

I participated in her Valentine Edition swap and am now ready to get busy working on the Petite Inspiration Nesting Swap. I may show you a bit of that as I go along (though I don't want to ruin the surprises) but I will show you what I did for the Petite Inspiration Box Swap, Valentine Edition...

Boxes by Suz from Katsui

I decorated the covers of the boxes with a beautiful piece of red silk velvet (hint...Fabritac is a great glue). I have a small collection of vintage Valentine's cards and was told by an antique dealer that this one was from the twenties. I love the sweet scene! I put that on two thick sheets of cardboard so it would be raised, and put German silver glitter on the sides. I had purchased hearts with German silver glitter and I placed those on different places of the boxes. I used various kinds of vintage lace to further decorate the boxes. Some of the laces were tinged with a bit of colored paint on the tips.

Box by Suz from Katsui

The inside of the boxes were painted with silver paint. I then filled the boxes with all sorts of vintage treasure. I have a lot of vintage lace which I wrapped in circles like tiny bonbons. I put a little button or flower on top of each so it would look like they were decorated. Underneath the "bonbons," I put other bits and bobs...charms, vintage papers, a set of Valentine flash cards from Cari Craft, German scrap and all manner of doodads. Everyone got a plastic box of vintage beads, as I have quite a large collection. I tried to include at least two of each so my partners could make some earrings.

It was a lot of fun and I am finding myself doing three different boxes this time. My partners all seemed so different so that seemed appropriate.

So today is the day I really get busy on these. Onward and upward!



  1. Hi Suz! Thanks for the tip about my print! Have fun with the swap! Whoever has you as a partner is sooo lucky!


  2. Hi Suz,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hopped over to visit you and I THINK I recognize you! Were you at Silver Bella? I THINK you were on the shuttle bus with me on the way to the airport Sunday! I might be CRAZY but you look so familiar!
    I love the petit swaps....just beautiful!

  3. Suz- Your boxes are so SWEET!! And the bon bons-oh my!!! oh, MY!!! Those are just the best!!!! Beautiful, my friend!!

  4. HI sue! omg... I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you did your inspiration boxes with the bonbons!! what an excellent idea!

  5. Oh so very pretty. How lucky I am to have you as a swap partner :)


  6. It's really lovely that you came to visit me at my Magpie's Nest :) ... I got to find you too!
    There is SO much to Love on your blog!
    Brightest of Spring Blessings to you and yours!