Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Late!!! I'm Late!!!

For a very important date! Oh dear, Karla Nathan's Alice in Wonderland Tag Swap was due yesterday. I even got a call from my friend, Donna, asking for Karla's address and still didn't catch on. I was busy wrapping little gifts for Karla and her daughter, Sugarwings, and putting different colors of tissue on the package and different kinds of ribbon. Oh, you know the play that we do!!! When I realized that, right then, March 10, was the due date and I had one hour to get to the post office (and had not taken pictures!) I had a mini-breakdown. The biggest hurdle was the pictures. Kat was here and came to my rescue.

I had a lot of fun doing these tags and trying to be "just a little different." My goal since Silver Bella has to try to push myself a little bit farther and do my best work.

As luck had it, I found four wallpaper books at my new favorite store, Art Scraps, in St. Paul. I would guess they are from the seventies and but one had some nice "old fashioned" blue paper that just matched my Alice's...yes, there are two. I am slowly gaining some "real" vintage wallpaper but not enough to use. I am hoarding it!

Here is a picture of both sides of my card, 
with an old illustration of Alice and one 
from the new movie. 

This picture better shows some beautiful antique dishes I own. The one on the left was painted by my great-grandmother, Rose Daniels, about a hundred years ago. I simply love the shape. The china on the right is Limoge which I inherited from my Nana Carol.

This is a nice "melange" that Kat did. You can see the old lace at the bottom. I am becoming a lover of old lace and old embroidery. The lace on this piece is so very fine and beautiful!

Here is the front, which says.
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall.
Who's the fairest Alice of them all?"
I used a little literary license here...we get to be creative, right?
Then there is the lovely mylar mirror. I got a big sheet from Art Scraps for one dollar! This stuff is a bear to work with, though. It picks up any little fingerprint, dust scratches it, so on, so on. But it looks rather cool here!
And here is the "new Alice." It says (from the book)
"You are Absolutely Alice. I would know you anywhere"
I added the,"ME" So, I guess she is the fairest. At least this was my opinion at the moment, especially when I saw this phrase. 

Whew! It is off in the mail. I am only wishing I saved one for myself...I never seem to do that. I sent a book to Karla and her grandaughter, Sugarwings. Not before I used the book for Karla to copy that 
"new Alice." 

Thanks, Karla!
(And thanks, Kat, for the photography help. You are a gem!)



  1. I just noticed that, in the second picture, there is a reflection of my mom, Suz! Maybe she is the "fairest Alice"!


  2. Suz, the tags are aDORable!!!! I love, love the color blue that you found and the pom poms are the cutest!! Great job!
    p.s. I had to send my tags express mail!!

  3. Oh, these are sweet! I love seeing the beautiful dishes too....

  4. Wow Suz...your great grandmother painted that over a hundred years ago??? {sigh} I love it! You are so fortunate to have something soooo sentimental and priceless!!!

    And as for those Alice tags, I know I'm going kick myself for not joining in the swap! I have much on my plate at the moment (besides cutting up quilts ;) but Karla's swaps are sooooo cool. I'll try and catch the next one.
    Your tags are beautiful girl!!!!
    I cannot wait to see your tag book when it comes in.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  5. Your tags are wonderful! I wish I had more time this year to get in Karla's swap as I so loved my Valentine swap that Karla did last year.

    Thanks for popping by and saying hi!

  6. I love that you are hoarding wall paper!
    Made me giggle...we may need to add a new wallpaper room to your home!
    I miss you all and again, Sue, your "art"( had a hard time typing 'tags', they are more than that!) amazes me! Beautiful!

  7. Karla's tag swap is lucky to have you playing :) Your tags are very pretty. Someone will be very luck to receive them.

  8. Your tags are just great! Very unique, no one else did anything like them. And I did get your name on them for you.

  9. Oh! I forgot to tell you how excited I was by the gift! Thanks, I haven't seen the movie yet, I'll read the book before I go. And Sugarwings will love her gift. I'm going to have a little party for her and take pictures of her opening all of them.

    Thank you!


  10. Hi Suz,
    So glad you stopped by my blog & left a comment. It allowed me to follow you here & see your lovely Alice tags...oh so cute! & a PS on the fabric flowers...I was making them today at the shop {as I said, they are addicting} & I found out something. If you roll less & wrap looser, you only need to make the one flower circle & add your button. Really...these just couldn't be any easier or any more fun to make. Let me know if you try...yours will be fabulous!!!
    Smiles Friend,

  11. Your tags are wonderful, Suz!

    So glad you have a blog now!

  12. love your alice tags! such fun! YOu did a great job!! looking forward to seeing your next project!

  13. What a fun swap! Your tags are lovely!


  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Really enjoyed yours...your Alice tags are so much fun!

  15. The tags are so pretty and unique! Love them. And I'm amazed at the beautiful dished painted by your grandmother. Wow! What a blessing to have something so special from her. This was such a sweet and fun post.
    Patricia :o)

  16. great work, suz!
    so happy to see
    that you're bloggin!
    do you think you'll
    make a return trip
    to silver bella with
    that sweet donna of
    hope so!
    happy day!