Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feel like a flapper!

The other day I made a FABULOUS new necklace just for me (and to share with mom) out of an ornate vintage cloisonne belt buckle that we've had stashed for a while.  I am so happy with the results- a true statement piece if I ever saw one.  It is a flapper-vamp-exotic beauty- it looks like something that Theda Bara would've worn to play Cleopatra.

And anyone who knows me knows that it's no surprize to find me playing dress-up (yeah, even at 30.)  I love fashion, clothes, vintage stores, jewelry and other accessories.  So today I came up with an outfit to go with the necklace.  It kinda makes me feel like a young starlet coming from dance practice:

Necklace: me
floral patterned tank: vintage (I was shocked at how perfectly it matched the pendant.)
navy merino cardigan: Banana Republic- thrifted from My Sister's Closet (that's the name of the store.  I don't have a sister.)
Grey shorts with bow: Zinc- from Loehmans in L.A.
Grey t-strap shoes with bow laces: Sam Edelman- from Nordstrom's Rack
Tan crochet stockings: Target

What do you think?


One last look at the necklace:


  1. Love it all. Love it. Love, love those dang socks!

  2. Oh yeah! Absolutely adorable!! And the necklace is pretty as well!

  3. The necklace is fabulous and you are sooo pretty! Love the socks too :)

    Sandy xox

  4. Tres belle, tres chic!
    My little boxes are almost finished and will be in the mail soon...: )
    Have a wonderful Easter

  5. I think you and your necklace are fabulous!!!!!