Monday, March 1, 2010

Kat's Dream Room

Harvey and Sophie Sleeping on my bed

An MPR piece this year commented on how many people were moving in with friends and family due to the economy.

Such is the case for us. I (Kat) have returned home for a brief stint while I complete my Masters in Social Work.

I giggled when I heard one of the people interviewed discuss how little their bedroom carpet was the same pink color from when they were six... because, until recently, my bedroom had the same pink striped wallpaper I (allegedly) chose when I was six.
I haven't liked pink since.

Then over the summer my room transformed into a place that reflected the woman I have grown into: whimsical, ethereal, vintage-y, eclectic, peaceful... but never frilly (and rarely surrounded by pink.)

Notice the glowing diamonds. This effect was created by taping off diamond shaped sections and painting over the blue paint with Ralph Lauren Candlelight- a product with tiny bits of reflective material in it. The walls look different depending on your angle, the lighting, and the time of day. So cool!


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