Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet the Fluffybutts

This is Harvey and Sophie- our puppers, or Fluffybutts.

Meet Sophie
aka. Sophie Amor, Dophers, Dophie, FuuFuu Butt, Stinkums, Snu
Sophie is our little girl.  We raised her from a wee pup.  
She was the chubby one of the litter.
The photo above shows her serious side.
In this photo she is probably laughing.
She's sweet and goofy and a bit of a tomboy.
Sophie smiles a lot.  Don't be fooled- that tongue is her weapon of choice.
She has been known to do drive-by lickings.
 Sophie doing her downward facing dog yoga pose.
She walks like a ballerina with her feet turned out, too.

Meet Harvey
  aka. Harvard Warvard, Warvey, Shamu, Big Fat Bubba, Grumblegus
Harvey is our little boy.  We rescued him from the mean streets.
We think he was quite the lothario out there.
  This is what Harvey looked like when he first came to live with us.
He weighed 9lbs.  He had all his fur shaved off-
except a tuft on his tail because he was so matted.
He may look mild-mannered here, 
but his manners were a bit rough when he arrived at our home.
 Now Harvey weighs about 17.5lbs and is quite a handsome boy.
He's still a bit goofy-
Here he is wiping his eyes and "talking" in grumbles.
But he is a sweet and funny boy.

That's the butts that are fluffy.

Our dear departed Crystal Moonbeams.
 She lived for 20 years.  Yep, human years.


  1. I have never seen any pictures of your furbabies before. Sophie looks like a ham in front of the camera.