Monday, August 15, 2011

Teacup Tuesday...Closer and Closer

The isn't "THE" teacup but I do love this one. i found it on the second day of an estate sale for three dollars. Now, I thought that was a steal but what do I know? (I do know that it is beautiful!) I got another one which you will see at another time for $2.50. My gut says that I am the only one in Minneapolis/St Paul that loves teacups and they are out there just waiting for me (Ha!). 

Here is my "beauty" on the family room table. Precious, no?

Here is my little beauty close up. It is the most lovely shade of blue. Slightly more green than a robin's egg. So lovely and in perfect condition.

The brand is Aynsley. I think I remember Nana telling me that was a really fine cup ;-) 

We are off to Montreal and Old Quebec this week for our thirty-eighth anniversary. Who knows what wonderful cups will be waiting for me there? Maybe it will be my "special" cup. I know one thing...I will recognize it the moment I see it!!!

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  1. How beautiful, Suz! And I love Aynsley!!


  2. You done good! Aynsley *is* a very brand of cups! I hope you find your special cup on the trip; in fact, I hope you find many of them!

  3. Your Aynsley teacup is lovely. It is so dainty and I adore the aqua color. Happy Tea Day!

    Wish you a wonderful tour- and crosses my fingers for just that special cup of yours,to be found.

  5. i'll say! it's soo precious! i've been looking for that gorgeous blue color of teacup, you're so lucky to find it and what a bargain too! totally drooling over it :) Happy 38th anniversary and have a faboulous time in Montreal! and i got a feeling u might find the one special cup! x susan

  6. Thank you for your visit to my blog this Tea Tuesday. It's nice to meet you.

    Yes, your teacup find is beautiful...and, without question, you got an amazing deal. I have never gotten that great of a deal on a teacup. Oh, I got one for $2 at an estate sale once...but the saucer had been glued back together, and there was a small piece missing. Since the cup was in perfect condition, I bought it. Still, though, your deal on a flawless teacup was better.

    Happy anniversary!! Have a lovely trip.


  7. Your teacups is very pretty...great find! I like the solid color and roses on the inside, like a little surprise:)

    I am fairly new to the tea cup fever also.

    Happy hunting! And happy anniversary!


  8. Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful trip and I hope you find "the one" while you are there.

    This cup you have found for $3 is a real treasure! I have the exact same cup and I paid $25 for it! Aynsley is a really fine company. You did really well to find it. It is such a pretty cup with it's corset shape.


  9. What a lovely teacup. I do think Aynsley is a good brand. I love looking for pieces that are made in England.

    Jocelyn @

  10. I just love it when everything is just waiting for me. Doesn't happen to often that I have all the creative connections!!! Happy Anniversary!!

  11. Hay,

    What a lovely porcelan..
    And your blog is so beaufitul.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.


  12. Precious
    very lovely
    and your getaway
    can't wait for some pics!

    bet you are having a wonderful time!!!


  13. Hi Suz,
    This is the perfect shade of blue I think! At least it is my opinion. It's such a beautiful little cup. WOW! what gorgeous lines it has as well as great color.
    I hope you enjoyed your trip for your annivery. I was thinking of you. My husband and I are also at 38 seem strange and wonderful at the same time.
    sending hugs from here...

  14. Happy Anniversary! A beautiful cup for a great price. Blessings, Martha

  15. What a beautiful tea cup. Love the color.

    Happy Anniversary! Have a great time on your trip.

  16. Happy Anniversary ... You really did get a great price on this little treasure... I love the shape .... Ansley is a marvellous fine china.... Have a wonderful trip. Please do stop by The Grand Lady on Teacup Tuesdays for alittle chat....Hugs

  17. Dearb Suz,
    the tea cup is absolutely beautiful!!