Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Like You...

This has gotta be one of the cutest stores in the Twin Cities. All local indie designed products, After a great breakfast, Jud and I took his sister, Jan over for a quick shop before she left town. I had to practically twist her arm off to get her a belated birthday present but she finally let me buy her a mosaic switch plate. 

I am blessed with the greatest sister-in-laws. Here's Jan and I posing under a new giant stuffy. So cute!

Jud and Jan are ten years apart and have become closer and closer over the years. One of the gifts of Jud's cancer has been having Jan visit us a couple of times. She is so easy to have around and always is looking for something to do...walk the dogs, sweep the roof (!), work in the garden... 

Jan is truly a sister to me. 

We both love her dearly. 


  1. Family is so very important and as we mature we realize how fortunate we are to have family and enjoy them all the more. Jud and Jan look wonderful together as do you and Jan. Making memories...wonderful week ahead...

  2. What a lovely store....and isn't it wonderful to have family around! Pure JOY!

    Hugs to you my friend. xoxo

  3. Forgot to ask you if you are attending The Creative Connection this year?

  4. Gosh, you have the sweetest spirit and outlook! "one of the gifts of Juds cancer..." I have no doubt that your sister in law adores you as well. I love the pic of her and Jud together. They have the same eyes and smile! have a great week Suz!!

  5. The store looks like so much's great when family visits, isn't it? The older I get, the more time spent with family is important. It's hard that our kids and my only sister are not close by. Are you journaling? You've been doing so much "living" in these past months...oh wait, that's why you have a blog. Never mind....hahahaha!
    Hugs and prayers always, Suz!

  6. This sounds like my kind of store! It is so nice to be blessed with family like this. Many hugs and blessings to you dear Suz.

  7. I can feel the Love
    it's beautiful!


  8. Suz........I hope you get that root canal today and hopefully on the road to feeling better! So sorry friend!

    Those little red shoes are on a doll I made a long time ago, and she sits on a little bench when you first walk into my studio/room. Thanks for asking about them.

  9. There is nothing better than a great family and the ability to see the bright side when dealt a blow. It seems you are blessed with both things. Thank you for visiting and for the sweet comment. Its a pleasure to meet you.

  10. I had no idea this store existed! Thanks for the heads up. My only issue is that I hate driving downtown!!!

  11. I've been to that store too (see a pic of the outside of their building on my sidebar)! Everything there is too, too cute and I'm glad you took someone there who appreciates their handmade goodness!

  12. Isn't it great to spend time with family? Priceless memories!

  13. Suz, dear, yes it is so lovely a gift, to have people in the family with whom we feel close, and can rely on- charing the past, and the now together,--how wonderful to have Jud`s sister for some dayes, -you are all looking so happy together.
    Hugs to you,