Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nana's China...

Nana Carol left me her Haviland China. I was thrilled. Let it be known that my bright, elegant Nana had a was a snob, and proud of it. It was a sign of her fine taste and, after all, she was the daughter of a former Governor of South Dakota! The beautiful painted tea set was inherited from Nana Helen. That's a topic for another day! 

Nana had a secret.

Notice that the two cups are different.

That's because most of the cups are Haviland...

...but the rest had to be filled in with Noritake. Nana was very embarrassed about this. I am imagining that she spent every tea party praying that no one would turn over the cups!

Don't tell. 
Nana would be horrified!

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  1. Too funny! I bet she kept those cups filled to the brim. :)

  2. adorable post! love the mix and match, and I have the silver trim noritake set! imagine that!! hope you have a lovely day today, and thanks for popping by for cookies and coffee!! x

  3. You are a lucky duck to have inherited this beautiful china! I hope your grandma (wherever she may be) isn't upset that you told her secret. I'm sure she is chuckling about it now.

  4. Lucky you to have such a fine set, even tho they are mismatched. Loved this post as it brought back memories of my own grandmother who drank tea on a daily basis. I don't have any of her cups. Happy tea day.

  5. Bless Nana's heart! Little does she know I would have loved her Noritake, too. I'm afraid I would have had to sneak a peek...but I would have kept her secret since she was gracious enough to invite me for tea. :) You were truly blessed to be the recipient of her beautiful china.

    I would love to have teacups my dear grandmother drank from...

    Hope your tea day is going great!

    oxo Judy

  6. Cute post...I would have surely been banished from future tea invites as I have been known to peek under china...inquiring minds you know ;)

    Love the shape of the pieces in the first photo!

    Happy T to you sweet Suz
    p.s. hope this comment sticks...having a bit of hard time posting a comment

  7. That is hilarious! My mother-in-law would've been like your Nana!!! Too funny!!!

  8. Nana knew her Limoges.
    I sympathize with her about filling in with Noritake, however...

  9. How very wonderful to have your Nana's treasured China. I am amazed that the Haviland and the Noritake were such a perfect match. I never turn over the china at someone's home because I wouldn't want anyone to do that at my home. Enjoy your treasures and use them daily...

  10. I used to think that mix and match was bad, but not any more. And what a story behind your lovely dishes.

    Have a great week!

  11. What a cute story! And she would be horrified to have any of us over for tea ... Because we probably all look at the bottoms of our cups :)

    Beautiful inheritance - of both china and stories!

  12. Hi: I love this story about your Nana. She did have beautiful taste, by the looks of just this china. Haviland, Limoges is my all time favorite china. I can't wait to read the story about that handpaint china. It looks stunning. Thank you so much for joining the fun again this week. Love my visits here. Blessings, Martha

  13. Sorry I'm so late getting here. I had some computer issues today, which made it difficult to stay logged in. This is some wonderful china, but I would never look at the back of a cup unless I was setting the table for someone. So Nana's secret is safe with me. Hope you had a great Tea Tuesday.

  14. Lol! That is so funny! But the cups really do fit in the set well, so she did the best she could. Lucky you to get her china! Haviland is so gorgeous, no matter what pattern it is.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

  15. Oh my! You've spilled the beans on Nan's secret! I'm sure she wouldn't mind though. It's a cute story to have to hand down through the generations.

  16. I like the shorter cup~ glad you are not such a stickler. There is nothing wrong with a little mix and match! Happy T on T

  17. Whatever they are, they are beautiful...and you have a story to tell, too!

  18. What JOY...love the china your Nana had. Thank you for sharing...I have many of my Grandma's pieces...a teapot that I have tea out of everyday...I will post about it one day. xoxoox Hugs

  19. Love the mismatched cups! What a wonderful story...

  20. So beautiful - each of them!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. what a treasured collection!
    & also, i must make it to
    "i like you" someday...it looks
    sooooo delightful!! xo

  22. Beautiful none-the-less. I'm following you. I was scrolling through your blog, and it is so beautiful and just lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment. The tea infuser post is part of a series I am doing. Each week I focus on a different tea accessory.
    Have a great day.

  23. LOL... what a great story to go with your china!

  24. What beautiful china. Lovely table!

  25. What a delightful story, Suz! Love how your Nana was just a bit proud about her china--fabulous! And you know how I love family stories...!

    Hoping your weekend is off to a lovely start, my friend--you're always in my prayers...


  26. What a lovely collection of china. I'm sure your Nana might have filled in when other pieces broke. They are very elegant and beautiful.

    Jocelyn @

  27. Beatifull colection! Wonderfull story!:):):)