Friday, August 26, 2011

Jud and Suz Celebrate...

On a rainy night in Quebec, Jud and I braved the elements to celebrate our thirty-eigth anniversary. No worry. The restaurant was just across the street!

Jud was looking very handsome in his coral sweater, one of my favorites...

...and I had just enough sequins on my top to feel fancy!

We had a long, leisurely evening, talking, laughing and eating, eating, eating. This is not the menu. This is our dinner. Well, I ordered this one, he ordered something more reasonable and then we shared. Have you even had a nine course dinner? The servings were small...but what delights!

We even had a dessert after the dessert on a decorated plate! There is a French word for this course. I promptly forgot it.

When the lights were low in the beautiful restaurant...

...we persuaded a waiter to take one more picture...

...took out our umbrellas, and sauntered back home to our little bed and breakfast. Very much in love, after all these years...and very, very full!


  1. Aw - how lovely - looks like you had a wonderful time! Congratulations!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Suz, you looks so sweet together, and what a beautiful night you had,-
    I can imagine the dinner was fantastic,- and filled you up very much- looks so deliscius .
    Congratulations, dear.

  3. How wonderful! It looks like you had a great time and a great dinner. Congratulations on your 38th!

  4. Suz et Jud,

    Vous souhaitant un très heureux anniversaire du jour de votre marriage.

    Affectueusement, Colette

    (The menu is heavenly; you chose really well.)

  5. ah you lovebirds really put a smile on my face and wearing two of my fav colors too!

    what a perfectly lovely time and celebration

    so sweet to see your photos!

    happy weekend too!

  6. The love is very evident in your radiant smiles. I love Jud's coral sweater...he looks dashing. And you, just beautiful in blue. What wonderful memories you're making!
    OH my! my word verification is "nosyme" Hahaha!

  7. Happy Anniversary wishes to you, dear friend! Looks like you're having a wonderful time!

    As always, keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers...


  8. Your celebration made me smile- what a wonderful evening and so nice to hear you say "still very much in love"- you two have a classic love story.

  9. Happy Anniversary Suz and Jud!! How wonderful! what a perfect evening...cozy ambiance and lots of yummy food with the one you love...can't get better than that! Much love to both of you! xo

  10. I woke up thinking of then saw this post. Ahhhhhhh, I am so tickled fir this anniversary, for this trip, fir this time, for your love, I am sighing deeply...

  11. You both look so wonderful, happy....and in love. Darling photos of a perfectly, romantic anniversary dinner. Rain and all.
    Happy Anniversary Love Birds!!

    xox Rella

  12. Oh Suz and Jud,
    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful celebration of love!! The restaurant is so dreamy--WOW!! I hope you had the best time. xo Cindy

  13. Oh how sweet you two look! What a wonderful evening you had. So romantic. It's so great to see two people so much in love!

  14. Happy Anniversary Suz - Looks like you had a wonderful evening. The meny looks delicious.
    Have a lovely day

  15. Congratulations! My husband & I have been married 38 years too and spent our honeymoon in Canada. Looks like a very lovely and FILLING anniversary celebration. I just love reading about couples still in love after all these years. :)

  16. What a lovely anniversary dinner. Quebec looks breath taking.....I am putting a Quebec license plate (vintage) in Lincoln's new bedroom. It has a gorgeous fluer-di-lis on it. Blessings!

  17. How Sweet! You both look great and still full of love after all these years!

  18. Happy 38th anniversary. It is joyous to see you and Jud celebrating and looking so sweet together.

    P.S. That Christmas postcard fabric is all gone at the store I purchased mine. Sorry.

  19. Such a beautiful evening and memory you two created!!

  20. Happy Anniversary! You make a beautiful couple!

  21. Congrats on your anniversary! The smiles say it all.

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers.