Thursday, August 18, 2011

Suz and Jud Hit Quebec...

On our first glorious day, we saunter down the streets of Quebec, the buildings just as they were in 
the 1600's...

...and are greeted by Champlain, the founder of Quebec.

Of course, I have to stop at Notre-Dame-des-Victoires.  I love Catholic churches. They are each so unique.

For example, look at this Station of the Cross. Each is in a similar frame. I think I must have been  Catholic in another life. I came out with about fifteen holy medals to use in my jewelry.

Hanging from the roof of the church, there is a model of a sailing ship!

 Jud tries his hand at shooting a cannon...

...and we take the Funicular, a glass cable car, down the mountain to Lower Town.

Tired, but happy, we finish the day at our B and B. 

More fun tomorrow!


  1. Such fun Suz!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying each other.
    And, I love that envie you made for your friend in France- very clever!

  2. Such beautiful pictures Suz! Looks such a beautiful place to visit and so clean! The church is just stunning and I'm sure it took your breath away. I looked up Canal du Mii as I had never heard of it before. Gorgeous pictures on Google!

  3. Told you that you'd love Quebec. Say Bonjour to the city for me! xoxo

  4. What a beautiful town dear Suz- love the photoes from the church, too- and also love catholic churches- and medals.
    Glad to see you having such a wonderful tour.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit! I especially love the pics of you and Jud!


  6. Looks Glorious! Have fun and keep showing those photos!

  7. ooo what fun to get to see what you two are up to in the charming city of Quebec...Lovely views...I am a fan of funiculars LOL

    the sailing ship on the cathedral ceiling is such a touch of whimsy...I am a recovering Catholic and am very drawn to the holy metals too

    Enjoy Enjoy Dear One

  8. Isn't Quebec gorgeous?! It's just 4 hours away from me!! Let me know if you ever visit Toronto!!

    Sandy xoxo

  9. The joy on each of your faces is the best medicine. Seeing the world and experiencing all there is to see and do is so rewarding. Happy exploring dear...

  10. Hi Suz!! Thank you for stopping by! Love seeing a message from you. The trip look alike so much fun, I've never been there. I was in Victoria, BC, need to post pics. How did you see a preview of my article? That's cool! Take care, Riki xoxo

  11. I'm so glad youre out enjoying yourselves togther! You both look good and what a gorgeous place to visit. I'm not catholic either, but I do love the art in catholic churchs. Have a great time I hope you have perfect weather and Im looking forward to more pics.

  12. Hay Suz,

    Wauww...this pictures are amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing this pictures with us!

    Love and happinessssssssssssssss..

  13. What a beautiful city! Have a wonderful time, love seeing Quebec thru your photos! (((hugs)))

  14. Your pictures make me want to book a trip to Quebec. I love the architecture of the old cities and churches always have glorious (no pun intended) details. I'm glad you're having good weather and a lot of fun.