Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I borrow a teacup...

We are in South Dakota at a family reunion. It is six in the morning and I have a mission. 
I am going to borrow a teacup! I sneak down to the living room of the family home and head to the breakfront in the upper right hand corner. This is where some magnificent teacups live!

I peek in the right side of the teacup shelf....

I peek in the left side of the teacup shelf...

and I pluck out my beauty.

Sigh! Isn't this lovely? Look at the glorious shape of the cup?
The pink handle is so pretty and that same soft pink is around the rim of the plate. 
 Do you see the inscribed flower on the plate. The roses are so soft and sweet and are 
outside and inside of the cup. 
I love this one!

Ah! It has a name! This is Bridal Rose. It was made in England by Shelley. 
Does that ring a bell to anyone? 

My mother-in-law (my other mother) let me borrow it for the picture. She has
so many beautiful things and she knows so much about them. We were so busy this
weekend. I wish I had a chance to ask her more about this. 

Kat and I searched five antique stores. We found some nice treasures, 
but no teacup has spoken to me.
The search continues...

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  1. I have thought of you in almost every store I've been in lately and looked for teacups everywhere!

  2. I love tea cups too. I do not have a collection and that is ok because I don't want to store or clean them. I will be on the look out for a beautiful tea cup for you.

  3. ooo gorgeous teacups left and right ... and a really precious pink rose set too!

    I am sure some perfect tea cups are waiting to find you dear lady ...

    Happy Days...hope you had a shimmering and sparkling fourth!

  4. Shelly is a FABULOUS collectors piece...read here: http://englishtea.us/2009/07/21/shelley-teacups/

    I have been collecting for YEARS and don't have one yet! This is GREAT!

  5. What an amazing collection! How fun to be at a family reunion too :)
    Enjoy your tea and your family! It sounds like a wonderful time!
    Thank you for stopping by for tea!
    xoxo, kimmie

  6. It's so fun to dig into other's collections. My great aunt had many peices of Shelley. I love the ruffled cup edge and how fine each peice is. Thanks for your visit. Enjoy your family reunion.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Beautiful! I also have a friend who have a teacup cabinet like that one. So many stories from her travels. It's wonderful! Happy tea day to you and hope you visit me sometime.

  8. This is a gorgeous tea cup. And to be able to borrow it to share with us is wonderful. I like the pink rim around the edge of the saucer. I bet there are many stories behind it, too, Happy tea today.

  9. Hi Suz,
    such a beautiful tea cup and so romantic!
    Love the pink roses. Hope you will find your perfect tea cup.Good luck.
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Suz- Shelley Bridal Rose does ring a bell with me- I do believe I have that teacup and a plate to go with it. I think Shelley is in a league of their own when it comes to bone china.

    (I've never actually USED the china- what a novel idea)

  11. Beautiful! I keep forgetting to borrow more of my mom's collection as well. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  12. I have a very sweet antique teacup. I'll have to get it out to you somehow, someday... maybe send you a photo first. We are fussy about our teacups I am...) xoxo

  13. I'm not a "singles" person == I like tea cups in sets (and mostly blue and white at that) -- but I can admire other peoples "singles" -- and you chose a beauty!!!

  14. Beautiful dish! LG Tina :)

  15. Hi Suz! Such beautiful teacups--love them all! I'm at my Mom's right now (have been for the last two weeks!)...so many beautiful things with a history here, too...I'm trying my best to capture them all--so fun!

    I've been thinking about you--hope you & your sweetheart are doing well. So glad you're having some good old-fashioned family time--we're doing the same--nothing in the world like it, is there?!

    As always, my friend, you're in my prayers...I'll check in again soon...


  16. What a lovely tea cup collection! You chose a pretty one to feature.
    Hugs, Beth

  17. I just LOVE teacups! I have an ever-growing collection and there's nothing more fun than actually pulling them out to use them!
    have a great day dear Suz! xo nat

  18. Suz, your mother-in-laws teacup collection is amazing. I love the shape of the one you selected. And the pattern reminds me of some Limoges rose patterned ones that I have. Hope you find the perfect teacup that speaks to you!

  19. awww i see so many gorgeous teacups there!the one you picked out is so lovely! i heard shelley is quite a famous brand but then again i too still learn about teacups hehe, your mother in law's collection is lovely! sometimes i can walk to 5 thrift shops/charity shops what we call here in the UK and i couldnt find a single teacup but sometimes i get lucky and found one that i really really fell in love at first sight, so im sure you'll find one that you will love! xx Susan

  20. Suz - thanks for your kind comments. Love your little teacup - very pretty.

  21. Thank you very much for your visit and beautiful comment!
    What beautiful dishes!
    Have a nice day!

  22. Beautiful collection and the tea cup you chose was beautiful!!! Thanks for visiting, I hope you find a tea cup that speaks to you ... when I find one, I'm like a child on Christmas morning... xo HHL

  23. What a beautiful tea cup to share Suz! Your mother-in-law was very generous in lending it to you for this very important cause! LOL! I love the shape and delicasy of this cup. I pray that you find your perfect teacup on your journey!
    Hugs and many blessings to you.

  24. Hi Suz,

    Your mother-in-law has some beautiful teacups! So glad she let you photograph this one for us even though it was 6:00 a.m. Have a great day!

  25. Hi Suz,
    Your 'other mother's' cup is a beautiful little thing! She does have some pretty treasures in that sideboard.
    I hope you are having the time of your life at your reunion!!!
    travel home safe.
    Big hugs from here...

  26. Lovely! Hope the fireworks aren't keeping you up too much!

  27. Hi: I would have loved to see all her tea cups. The Shelly is so beautiful. I love that your aunt has a story for every item. Blessings, Martha

  28. Suz ~
    Adore your little story and I am loving all of those precious cups ~ what beauties! Sending you several beautiful teacups filled with blessings this morning my friend and lots of love! XXOO
    ~ Katie

  29. Hey girl, I didn't know you were a Teacher :)I'm sure one day a lovely tea cup will call your name!

    Sandy xox

  30. Ooh, that's beautiful! (Good pick. ;))

  31. What a charming teacup collection, Suz! I really love the Shelley c/s!

  32. What a beautiful teacup. As you were describing how you were looking for a teacup, I could almost hear the silence in the house. I love teacups also, and Antiquing is my favorite sport.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


  33. Oh how beautiful, Suz!! Sending (((hugs))) your way!!


  34. Absolutely delightful and beautiful.....doesn't the tea taste better out of a china cup too?!! :)

  35. Sweet Suz! A post after my own heart. My own mother-in-law had such a wonderful collection including luncheon plates she used for her Garden Club. Each lady a cup to match her personality. Keep searching for your perfect match! Camp Teepeetonka!!!! Do tell!!! The name alone conjures up Marjorie Morningstar. In my thoughts, Elizabeth

  36. Seeing this dainty pretty teacup makes me want to throw a ladylike tea party.

  37. Suz I am with you.........I love to drink out of China Tea Cups. It just makes you feel special. I love to use them for women's luncheons, birthday parties and showers. Every women loves to drink out of the little beauties. My Aunt Pauline would give me every year for my birthday a new cup and saucer.

    Thanks for this sweet post about these little delicate beauties!

  38. Hi Suz - Oh, love the tea cups! I adore Shelley china is so wonderful to collect. I'm always trying to find a piece or two, but they are hard to find. My mother has a large set of Bridal Rose. Cups, saucers and small dessert dishes. I'm always drooling over it when I visit her. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon - Alice

  39. What a fun post! I love using china cups...they make the beverage taste so much better! Shelley is a wonderful "brand" of tea cup!