Monday, July 18, 2011

Snoopy Suz finds some sweet cups...

It's another sleepy morning and I drag myself out of bed for my mission...
I am off to the dining room sideboard where I find some beautiful treasures!

Oh, my! A silver samovar! Gorgeous, but not the kind of treasure I seek.

I find myself distracted by this lovely silver butter set. It even has a place for ice on the bottom. Did you ever think you came of age in the wrong century?

Aha! This is what I was looking for. It's a cocoa set. Have you ever seen anything so precious in your life?

Each little cup is so sweet and has its own special flower. This one, I believe, is a cherry blossom.
Tell me if I am wrong. I have never really seen one. I have just imagined them.

This one is, of course, my favorite. A pink rose! I wish I could have a cocoa party and invite my tea cup friends. We would have cocoa made from "scratch," like my mother used to make. Then we would top it with billowy whipped cream. Mmmm. I am almost longing for Winter.

And even though it would be very hard, I promise to share the rose cup with one of you...


  1. Cocoa sets are so amazing -- I was so into them when I was in Germany! Unfortunately, :( I am lactose intolerant so I can only gaze at the beauty of the sets - not use them! And, I need one of those little butter pat holders with the room for the ice! Yes -- I was born in the wrong century.

  2. What beautiful goodies, Suz...pure eye candy! And after the day we had today...I am almost longing for winter myself LOL!

  3. Your playful side is fun and your cocoa from scratch idea sounds delish. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a yummy cupcake today - these sweet cups are a favorite of mine, how about you?

  4. great collection!
    right about now,
    a cool breeze sounds
    heavenly! xo

  5. Lovely collection. Homemade cocoa is something I haven't had in some time. Thanks for visiting my blog and I appreciate your sweet comment. Happy tea day.

  6. Oh Suz! This post and your earlier one...what a gorgeous collection of beauties! They just don't make china like this anymore! Your Chocolate Pot and those cups...oh my. Stunning! Is it Bavarian? The tinting of color around the edges...beautiful sigh! I've heard your area is under intense heat right now, probably have to wait on the cocoa! xo, Sue

  7. I love chocolate sets and especially ones that have been hand painted. Beautiful! Happy Tea Day!

  8. Great show of cups Suz!! I'm always thinking of you and hoping all is as well as it can be. Love you....

  9. you always share so much goodness with us...
    I will dream of having your special cocoa made from scratch in a special cup one day...
    I do believe your mystery flower might be an apple blossom or wait maybe it's a WILD rose ... no matter it sure is pretty!

    oh and I {heart} real whipped cream...not a cool whip fan ;)

    Happy T Day to you dear one

  10. OH my word I love the cocoa set. It's lovely.

  11. A beautiful set. Very delicate. Here's to snooping! (clink)

  12. The search is as rewarding as the beautiful cup at the end :) My searches should end so!
    Happy Tea Tuesday :)

  13. Right now I am wishing for winter, too. Glad you found the tea set you were looking for. These pieces are all stunning. Each is unique and so well preserved. This really IS a great set! Sorry I'm late getting here, but happy Tea Tuesday, anyway.

  14. Girl, you so crazy. That's why we understand each other...

  15. Hiya, Suz! I thought I had been following you since I've visited a number of times. Thanks for visiting over at The Writer's Reverie. You're following me, right? Can't keep up - but I'm closing in on 100 followers and will have to have a give away of my own! Rather new to Blogworld, but figuring it out. What I love are so many pretties to brighten the day - your cocoa set is lovely! I don't have one - but with the teapots and cups, I'm not sure where I'd stash it! Visit again!
    Miss Kathy

  16. I think your hunt was a success!! Lovely cups for sure.

  17. Hello, Suz...

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving your kind comment. I'm honored to come and visit you. What a gorgeous hot cocoa set. The flowers are lovely, and the design shape of the pot and cups are so sweet. What fun that there are different flowers on the cups. I, too, can't wait for cooler weather to have hot cocoa from scratch. I like to make mine with real cocoa powder.

    I found a hot cocoa set for my friend in a thrift store last year. She had been looking all over for one. It was made in Japan with a lovely, simple willowy design, and the shape of the pot was oval and simple...very Japanese...simple, yet elegant. She loved it and took it back with her to San Antonio. I wish I had a photo of it. It was only $19, and had a set for 4-5 I think.

    Have a glorious day,

  18. just gorgeous Suz!
    my girlfriend has a very similar set with roses but the main colour is teal - lovely!
    count me in for the hot choc &/o tea party ")
    thx for visiting and chatting with me at FHC ~

  19. Hi Suz,
    your vignettes are so pretty. You are right, I was sometimes dreaming to be born in a former time. But then I realized that I probably not would have born rich. So maybe I wouldn't enjoy all this pretty things, which I can buy today. I guess, it is a good time today, also. Lots of those pretty things are still exist and we can effort them. O.K., not the pretty silver samovar. But this wonderful cocoa set. I have a little mokka set in that style. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and for visiting me and your kind comment.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  20. Hi Suz,

    what a gorgeous silver ware! very stunning and shinning! love your teacup and teapot set, i'm mad about floral teacups and you have different flower pattern on different teacup or should i say cocoa cup hehe,ooh i wish we were neighbors, so we can invite each other a few other friends to have cocoa or tea time! thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog, have a lovely day! x Susan

  21. Hi Suz,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.
    Both the silverware and the porcelain you're showing here are superb!
    I love the cocoa set, so elegant and beautiful in those pastel colours.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice week!

  22. Beautiful treasures! That butter dish with the place for ice - brilliant!!! Your cocoa set is very darling!!! ... I recently started acquiring some chocolat chaud sets and ...even through the summer I do enjoy a cup of it.... xo HHL

  23. I love how each cup has a different flower .... And that they are LARGE cups .... Room for lots of cocoa :)

    You could still make hot cocoa .... Just freeze it into fudge pops :)

    Happy Tuesday (on Wednesday!), Kimmie

  24. Thank you for your tea and your visit
    Deighted to meet you

  25. What treasures my sweet this idea of a cocoa party. xoxo HUGS to you

  26. Hello there,

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! I'm glad that you enjoyed your, 'Tuesday Tea For Two' visit at my, 'The Plumed Pen' blog!

    You have shown us such fabulous treasures! They're so beautiful! ~ I adore fine hot cocoa and chocolate sets; why not a cocoa party when there are of course tea parties, even coffee and dessert parties at times.., great idea!

    Lovely blog! ~ It's always such a pleasure to meet lovely new fellow bloggers!

    Hugs and cheers from Wanda Lee

  27. Hello Suz,
    I have often thought I was born in the wrong century! I have long dreamed of wearing a beautiful frilly frock and carrying a parasol! Your silver pieces are gorgeous! Love your cocoa set! I don't own one but I so admire them. There are some real beauties around and yours is no exception. Thank you for sharing your delightful set with Tea Time and have a delightful rest of the week.