Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Suz goes hunting again...

Ah, it's six in the morning again. The house is quiet and I am snooping...well, just looking around. And I have permission, right?

Ooooooh. Another wonderful shelf to explore! These teacups have not only one handle, but two. Maybe    
they are for the clumsy, like me, who like to hold their tea with two hands.

Here is the other side of two-handled teacup shelf. Aren't they lovely? 

OK, I admit it. I am not that naive. I know these aren't really teacups but are boullion or consomme cups for soup. (I believe these larger cups are boullion cups but anyone is welcome to give me more information!)

These are very special to me. Mom had started her own collection and told Jud and me that she would like more. We were off and running, on a mission. All year, we would search for a beautiful cup for her collection and surprise her with our new choice on her birthday. It was my first "adult" look at beautiful china. I truly fell in love and was sad when her boullion cup shelf overflowed!

Can you imagine why I chose to show you this one first? It is because of the PINK ROSES!!!

Isn't this beautiful? I love the soft green and the real gold that surrounds the flowers.  The green is so gentle, a nice Spring green, and the scrolls and flourishes of gold are such a stunning accent. 

Here is the saucer. I am not as crazy about the saucer and think it is a little busy. I am learning that I like a simpler saucer, 

Guess what. I forgot an important part of my mission. I forgot to turn it over. I am going to check with Mom later and have her check the bottom, but for now, just enjoy. 

Such loveliness! Sigh!


  1. Such a beautiful collection! What fun.

  2. Very lovely, yes!
    The two-handled cups are for consommé or broth. (I have a thing for them.) I think we should start drinking tea and coffee from china cups and wear gloves in the summer. so much more gentle...


  3. Lovely! It's always fun to snoop around a little. :)

  4. Oh GOSH I love that one!

    I've been thinking of you guys so much!!!

  5. What a grand collection and I do so love the one you chose to showcase! The pink and green color combination is one that makes my heart sing!!


  6. oh SO very lovely indeed dear Suz...so nice of you to share some of the tea cup and other cup collection with us...I too have a soft spot for pretty china...looks like you are surrounded by it there!


  7. I don't know why but your cup and saucer remind me of music; that cup is amazing!! I am with you on the saucer, it is a bit busy but still all in all when they are together, very pretty!
    Happy T on T

  8. Hi Suz,
    These are beautiful. I wish I could find more of this in our area. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Thank you so much for visiting ... what lovelies you are sharing ... and the one you chose to feature ... truly a beauty!!! wishing you a wonderful blessed week..xo HHL

  10. o i LOVE your cups! they are so lovely...sigh...i collect little butter pat plates and could look at them forever...a sweet smattering, suz...happy tuesday!

  11. What lovely consumme (sp?) cups. I love the pink and green combination. One of my favorites. Thanks for visiting my site too. Isn't Tea Cup Tuesday the BEST!!

  12. Thank you very much foir your visit,meeting you has been a pleasure

  13. Hello Suz,
    oh my, your post made me smile. I was really unsecure, if that were true tea cups. But you were just kidding! The last consomme cup is truly beautiful. You love roses as I do. I really enjoyed my visit.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. What wonderful tea cups! I, too like to hold my tea with both hands. Especially in the winter when it's cold. Thanks for visiting my blog and directing me to yours. It's a lovely blog.

  15. Hi Suz, Thanks for visiting me today, I hope this finds you well and enjoying yourself. Oh what a beautiful post. I could look at all those beautiful tea cups all day and those lovely rose plates, so pretty. I am partial to pink roses to. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing. Hugs, Terri

  16. Are you having fun there suzie Q!? Your mother in law must have have a beautiful home filled with lots of precious things... something tells me anyways!
    love the double handled cups and I would surely still drink tea from them!

  17. Hi Suz,

    What a beautiful display of double handled cups. I too adore the pink roses with light green teacup & saucer. It sounds like you are enjoying your trip. Have a great week.

  18. How interesting that they are for broth or consommé .... The Japanese broth cups have no handles at all - which can get rather HOT! These are beautiful! They would make pretty little vases to float a single rose head in.

    Happy hunting and happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  19. Hi!

    Nice blog!!

    The last photo of saucer is beautiful! lovely saucer!

    Hugs from Portugal


  20. Dear Suz,-they are adorable, so beautiful- I love the two handled cups, and think like you, they would be lovely to have warm-hot- tea in .
    Your mom has a wonderful collection of all kind of cups, also saw the ones in your other post-
    They are all very elegant, and the one showed here, is so lovely in the Rosa/green tones- like a fairy cup-if it was smaller :)
    Hugs ,

  21. Awwwwe....pink & green my favorite! I died when my computer was down....you do loose your community.

  22. i love snooping with you!!!

  23. Oooh, they are ALL so lovely!!!

  24. Oh, this is just tooo cute!! And I love all your gorgeous pretties!! So, so beautiful!! Big (((hugs))) to you~

  25. Everything is just beautiful Suz!!!

    Jocelyn @

  26. Oh Suz ~
    Such beautiful tea cups my dear! I enjoy your narration as you snoop. You are such a doll and I hope your summer is being very good to you!
    Blessings sweet gal!
    ~ me XXXO