Friday, September 3, 2010

I Love This Guy...

This is Petar, our exchange student son from Croatia. I wasn't used to living with"young male" energy when Petar first came to live with us, soccer ball in hand. Petar, the Croation Sensation. He didn't sit for hours and do crafts with me or cook or watch hours of TV. He was always moving and doing something funny. Except when he was studying for his classes in English. Then he would sit for hours with that intense look on his face and already, I felt like his mother. I worried. 

He gave me a few scares...even when he came back to visit. When he lived with us,  he picked up a prairie dog, logically thinking it was a dog.  I had visions of calling his mother and telling her he had died of rabies. When he came to visit at the age of twenty-eight, he leaped up and down the Badlands like a boy of twelve. I had visions of calling his mother and telling her he had fallen in. 

Here he sits, in the middle of the road. Even in Croatia. I guess it is just part of his nature! Seriously, for all his dare-devil ways, he is an incredible young man. He is a terrific photographer, working for the largest paper in Croatia. He is a loving uncle to Sven and Ema and I feel like I know them because he always tells us of the cute things they do. He is kind and considerate...and he tells me he loves me. That melts me heart. He will always be the son I never had. 

In several weeks, he will marry beautiful Jelena. I am sure she is a wonderful young woman to win his heart. He certainly has won mine!


  1. What a touching story! Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

  2. Petar sounds like a real sweetheart! You're going to have so much fun at this wedding. I'm excited for you...

  3. Oh, what a nice experience to share! I enjoyed it so! Family can come from unusual places, can't it!

    Have a great weekend!
    (Sept now.....not too long to Silver Bella! Ackk!)

  4. This is so sweet! You have captured this young man in such a wonderful way. It was so nice of you to open your heart up to him. Now, to see him get married will be very touching indeed. Wishing you well Suz. Hugs and blessings.

  5. I have missed so much while away and now will try to catch up. Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment about missing my creativity. I too miss it and must get back to focus. Happy and safe Labor Day holiday...

  6. awwww ... i love this post. it is so adorable and full of warmth!

    have a safe trip and wonderful time!


  7. What a beautiful post. And what a lovely soul you are to bring him in your home and share a bit of your sweet life in America. Of course you are his Mom too!

  8. oh what a great story! he sounds wonderful! wishing them a long and loving married life together.
    you will have an amazing time over there. I am so envious!!! i have an aunt in Croatia, in Zagreb. My mother was born in Slovenia, right next door, and many of our cousins go to the Croatian coast for their Summer holidays. It's an amazing part of the world!
    oh and the food is SOMETHING ELSE! Yummmmmmm!

  9. Oh he is adorable. That first picture is so cool! I am so glad he came into your life and stayed. Enjoy!

  10. What a wonderful little tale, Suz!
    A big congrats to them both!

  11. I love this story!! It shows what a truly loving heart you have Suz! He is darling as I am sure his gal is too! What a big room you have in your heart ~ it is so admirable! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Katie

  12. I love how this boy came into your life and how you still love the man that he has become!!!

  13. really precious post Suz on so many levels too!

    each of you are blessed to have found the other!

    fab Mt Rushmore photo of your handsome Petar!
    can't wait to see wedding photos later on too

  14. Hey Sue, it's realy lovely story, I was thinking if you are talking about myself or...??
    Love, Pepe