Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank you so much, Linda Jo!

Photo by Linda Jo of Linda Jo's Obsession

Linda Jo, of Linda Jo's Obsession just celebrated her 500th blog entry. That is a lot of creating and writing and a great accomplishment. She does some wonderful artwork, including stitching and paper arts and is a member of the Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group, who, in my opinion. make some of the coolest art work I have seen on blogs. To celebrate, she had a FIVE DAY GIVEAWAY! How exciting is that!

I appear to be on a winning streak (this is number three). Yesterday I was notified by Linda Jo that I had won a prize in her giveaway! You would think this would get a little ho-hum, but, no, I am over the edge with excitement. I can't wait to get my lovelies in the mail (and know they may come after my trip). For me, there is nothing as wonderful as a present. Ask my husband and daughter. I love any present but if they are handmade or teach me something more about creating, I love them most of all.

The  giveaway I won from Linda is a Puffy Heart made by her BFF Virginia!
(who, says Linda, was HEAVILY inspired by Roben Marie!!!)

And that's not all! I won a little pad with a topper that both Linda and I learned to make from a Teresa ezine! I think these little pads with toppers are the cutest thing ever. My friend, Donna, and I always make them for everyone at our women's retreats. Linda's has her usual personal touch. I really love it.

Thank you, Linda, for your huge generosity to the blogging community. I love reading your blog and have had it on my favorites for a long time...well, almost as long as Kat and I have been here.  So, readers, if you want a very good read and some fabulous stitching, paper craft, photographs and more, head over to Linda Jo's Obsession. She is also a very fun, honest, solid person and I like and admire her a lot!!!


  1. Third time's a charm!!!!! Lucky ducky! I hope these things make you smile and smile and smile...

  2. You are so right about Linda, she's a fun and really lovely lady! I don't really know Virginia other than she's very nice and so talented too!
    I won Linda's Friday giveaway and can't wait for those goodies to arrive. Art mail is always such a thrill.
    So much generosity and kindness here in the land of blog!

  3. What a sweet post! Thank you sooooo much, Suz! I'm glad you won and I'm glad I got it to you before you left on your grand adventure!!!!