Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yes I Craft...

 (Silver Bella Sachet Spoiler)

I don't think anyone in my sachet swap comes to my blog so I think I can safely print these. I have had a lot of fun working on these. I owe a lot of thanks to Patty (Magpie's Nest) for helping me choose a new printer (we really needed one and this one if known for good graphics) and telling me about the greatest transfer paper, Leslie Riley's TAP. 

These are only in process. I brought supplies for each person with me in a plastic bag and worked on them in Prague. Nothing is sewn yet. I think I am going to do some bead embellishments but all my tiny seed beads flew together into one mess (in the divided case) and I can barely see them anyway!!!) 

These are done on damask napkins. One of my favorite things is dyeing cloth, especially damask that I get at estate sales. It is often very inexpensive, especially on the second day. The design shows up in the most incredible way (you cannot see on these pictures). I had tried many dyes but good old Rit does well. I also used a new Procion Dye on some. 

We were asked to tell the others things that we liked and we made them according to favorite colors and themes. The sachets will have real botanicals inside and mine will be rectangular with a ribbon on the top to hang on the door. The lace at the bottom will be sewn onto the front and back of the bottom seam. I will show you when I am all done.

This woman likes yellows, aquas and teals and she loves Jane Austin. I especially love the ribbon around the picture. It is very old and so pretty

This woman was difficult to plan for but I am pleased so far. She likes teal and collects odd things, such as shells. The graphic is an Art Nouveau underwater scene. I think I will rough up the lace on the bottom and hook a few shells to it. Mo mitered corners yet (if there ever will be!). The waves are giant ric rac. I dyed the lace at the bottom with the napkin. I think I may use a darker doily. I coffee dyed some doilies and do they ever smell good. I also put vanilla in the coffee. 

This woman loves pictures with an Asian theme. She also loves various shades of blue, including royal blue. I love the graphic. You may have to click on this to see it. The lace behind the picture has a beautiful Chinoiserie effect, as does the hankie. The pink ribbon is beautiful old think satin in perfect condition and the brown is velvet. I think I will dye the hankie when I get home. Any ideas for colors? The flower was dyed with the napkin to get the same color family.

This woman likes old photographs, children and anything but primary colors. I love the ribbon around the little girl. It looks even older than the first one! There is a piece of dotted swiss behind the portrait. The lace is very old. I took the flowers out of a flower girl headpiece.

I will have six or seven more to show you. I may do one for Teresa MacFayden who is the Grand Poobah of Silver Bella.

So, these are a little rough but I wanted you to see them in process. Thoughts and ideas are welcome. I am anxious to get home and work on them some more! They seemed like they would be so difficult to put together and so far, so good.

Ah, so good to be creating again! 


  1. All I've been seeing lately is "Mad Men" spoilers, so it's good see another kind of spoiler. These are all so lovely! I think my favorite is the first one.

  2. These are absolutely lovely. I think that you designed them perfectly. Teresa MacFayden is such an inspiration. I never attended her event, but I took one of her Winter on-line classes once. I was so inspired.

    I wanted to drop you a note to say that you are never to old. I am 62 years old and I just learned how to use Photoshop when I turned sixty. I love working with Vintage, because I am!!!

    I believe when we learn things when we are older we can bring to that application many things.

  3. Gorgeous, Suz! Love these! Hope you're enjoying being back home and that your weekend is wonderful!


  4. All of your sachets are so pretty and will be loved by their recipients. I bought some dried lavendar yesterday and would like to make some small embroidered sachets -- thing is, I don't sew and haven't embroidered since I was 12. But one of these days I am gonna give it a go. :) Loved seeing all your photos of Prague and Croatia. Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy

  5. These are just gorgeous, your very talented and I'm sure she will love them!!! I wanted to thank you for stopping by for a visit and for your sweet comments! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  6. They will absolutely love them!

  7. Loved the photos of your trip....when did you have time to create? Obviously, you were very inspired because these are lovely. Those will be lucky ladies who receive these gifts!

  8. Suz-your sachets are just beautiful! I love the one with the little girl and the dotted charming. You actually made some things on your are multi-talented! I enjoyed visiting Prague and Croatia through your eyes. Your photography skills are top notch!

  9. Suz...So glad that you are safely home! These sachets are just beautiful, but, of course, I think everything you create is beautiful...

    Hope your transition back into the real world (i.e. jet lag) has not been too terrible. So glad you had such a wonderful trip. Are you missing your chocolate drinks too terribly much?

  10. Oh, goodness! I just saw that I missed yesterday's post and you are not home, but in Croatia. Obviously, my reading comprehension skills are sadly lacking tonight......

    So continue on your travels safely!

  11. Suz, these are gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. The recipients are going to fall in love with them!!!
    Are the pictures on paper, or fabric? They came out great!!!

  12. Hi Suz....hope you are enjoying your trip.
    I am so impressed with your creations here...really wonderful!

  13. What lucky people to receive your beautiful sachets. The colors are scrumptious. And the lovely details add so much to there charm. Loved seeing your photos from your trips. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Oh the lucky receipent of these beautiful pieces! Lovely..can't wait 'till I have time to go through your lovely blog !

  15. Wow these are creative and talented you are.

    Hugs for a great new week xoxoxo

  16. A little rough? Okay. Sure. It's a good thing I did not join that swap, you have set the bar awfully high! Lots of work but I think that your recipients will wet their pants over these! I mean, that's what you had in mind right???

  17. Hi Suz thanks for visiting my blog, your sachet are very beautiful, I love the one with the little girl she is so sweet.

  18. Suz these are very pretty- a beautiful keepsake for whoever gets one!

  19. ooo dear Suz ... each one is just SO very lovely ... it looks like your transfers are a big success! the combo of your gorgeous dyed linens, lace, ribbons and more = WOWEE!

    those pesky seed beads can really tax one's patience sometimes ... some slip over the needle (when they get that far LOL) and some of the same beads do not!

    what precious gifts!

  20. Suz, what a lucky swap partner you have!! The sachets are lovely, just lovely. Thanks for the peek. Won't be long until Silver Bella, wish I was going but just not in the cards for this year.

  21. loving your blog! thank you so much for stopping by the artseat! and the kind words!! i say thank you. love, love your sachets, they could be a piece of art unto themselves... right now i am really into needlework ( so i do appreciate the details in your work) & nature and my mind is running a mile a minute...