Saturday, September 18, 2010

Windows and Doors...Doors and Windows...

I love the windows and doors in Prague. Check this window. I admired it soon after we arrived, and found out later that the lion is a symbol of Prague. This appears to be on the window of someone's home. Note the lion crest to the left.

This one is very special, I think. The building is the Museum of Cubist Art. Cubism is carried out in each window at each level, though all the designs are different. Apparently all the details in the Museum follow Cubist principles, down to room size and furniture.

This is a fun aside at the Museum. If you look to the right, at the end of the first row, you will see a Black Madonna, encased in metal. There have been several Black Madonna's appearing throughout history. According to our tour guide, researchers began a serious study of her and were slightly chagrined to find out she got her black skin from being burned in a fire.

The frescos and carving of this magnificent door actually extend over the top of three doors...well, maybe two and a half! I know nothing about them and cannot find them in either of our guide books but they appear to be very old.

These are the doors to the different passageways through the winding streets of the neighborhoods of Old Town. The are extremely solid and built to stand the challenges of weather and time (and that is our excellent guide, Lea, standing in front of the door.)

This was once called the house of the five crowns (See the crowns above the window?) Someone who wanted to make some money, perhaps, bought it for an Italian restaurant. It is now known as 
Restaurante Le Cinque Corone!

OK. One final set of windows. Just some pretty little ones on some flats. Look how many different designs there are: different window designs, different designs under the windows, and different designs over the windows. I think this artist had a low tolerance for boredom (actually I think they are charming!)

Have a lovely Sunday. I will bring back more "treasures" soon. 


  1. These are all absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to take a peek inside the Museum of Cubist Art.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow- incredible pictures- and amazing that there are no billboards, no street signs- just beautiful architecture.

  3. oOOOOH! Doors and windows in Europe are amazing, aren't they? Not that I have seen them first hand, but I have seen my sister's Italy pictures. She has a thing for doors. So fun!!! THANK YOU for posting!!

  4. Those are some fantastic doors and windows. Someday I'd love to see them in person, sigh..

  5. Oh Suz You see a place the way that I do. I drive my family nuts taking photos of things such as windows and bricks and staircases. I have never taken ones as beautiful as these. Imagine these images will forever be yours to recall. It's all so special. Thank you for sharing with us! Elizabeth

  6. I am so enjoying your photos. One doesn't think of Prague as a vacation spot but it looks to be the perfect place for relaxing for a few days and seeing amazing architecture! When are you going to show us the wedding? I'm so anxious to see photos!

  7. I love the window pictures, and the little tour of Prague! The cubism carried out in the architecture of the museum is just beautiful!!

  8. Oh look, ask and ye shall

    Sighing still...

  9. ooo I am SO enjoying our tour with you ... you must be snapping pics like crazy ... how could you not!

    beautiful and interesting and WOWEE!
    Love it all!

  10. Suz;
    I feel like I am on the tour with you! Thanks so much! Beautiful windows and fresco/crowns and other artistic features! Fabulous. All looks so great and intriguing!
    Hugs to you

  11. Fantastic doors,and I especially like the last set. It looks like you've been experiencing lots and lots of gorgeous sights...enjoy!

  12. Exquisite're like me and look at all of the beautiful details.

  13. Oh so beautiful buildings and doors, really lovely, thank you for sharing your wonderful trip. Have a great time. Hugs, Terri

  14. Oh my Lord, so much beauty! Those windows are to die for!