Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life On The Beach...Preparing for Croatia

The Reaneys (i.e. Jud and Suz) were getting a little too fluffy for their own good so they started the South Beach Diet about a month and a half ago. South Beach is a diet that focuses on vegetables,  fruits and lean meats. During the first two weeks, you are totally without any sugar or fruit sugar but after that you gradually add in fruit and carbohydrates. I have a terrible sugar craving so I found this very helpful. 

We are off to Croatia very soon (less than two weeks now) for the wedding of our exchange student son, Petar, and wanted to look kind of like we did the last time we were there! We have been successful. We have each lost about fifteen pounds (trust me, that is not where we need to be!). We both had to buy some new clothes (which is always fun!). Hopefully we will not gain it back in Prague, which is the first leg of the trip for Jud and me.

Slim Kat did not loose any weight (thank God) but has enjoyed eating all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. She could use some nice European pastries! She will be joining us on the second leg of the trip in Riejka, Croatia, where we will be having a grand reunion with Petar, Jelena, Zrinka, Ana, Igor and Sven and Ema, who are "new" since we were there. We are all thrilled to be going and will write some blogs there with what I am sure will be beautiful pictures.

Croatia is a gorgeous country, with hills and valleys and seaside and medieval castles and monasteries. We had a fantastic trip there eight years ago and highly recommend it for a vacation. 


  1. Oh, how exciting!!! I've always heard Croatia was a beautiful country...I love medieval castles, etc., so I can't wait to see your photos of the trip!

    Congratulations on the weight loss! It's not easy, I know!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!


  2. Congratulations Suz on your weightloss! I have been recommended to go on this diet as it is supposed to be awesome for Fibromyalgia as well! I have been gluten free for almost one month (with a few times messing up because it was the only thing to eat)... I actually have this book and I might give it a try! Since I've been gluten free I have only been using Stevia anyway so I haven't had much sugar! I might as well go on this diet and loose some weight! LOL. I wish you well on your trip, may it be thoroughly blessed.

  3. Wow, very cool, have a wonderful trip, I've never been there. Congrats on your life style change, that is so healthy. You should be very proud. The mixing of metals is very cool, but somewhat complicated. Glad I found out more about it all, the effect is beautiful. And I hear ya, if money were no object, I would be taking all kinds of classes! Have a safe trip. Riki

  4. 15 pounds in a month? Get me to the bookstore ASAP! You are going to have some good times on your trip and looking very svelt! Keep us all in the loop, 'kay?

  5. how wonderful!! look forward to hearing about your trip! congratulations on your weight loss too!

  6. Sweet Friend...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet & heartfelt comment! I'm so happy your bestest girlfriend is living only 1 house away from you. That's such a sweet blessing!
    Croatia...that sounds like such a mavelous adventure. I can't wait for your photo's when you get back...

  7. you are really stirring the wanderlust in me Suz ... your trip sounds amazing and so very special too ... how sweet to make this trip!
    Bravo! fifteen pounds is nothing to sneeze at!
    Can't wait to see Croatia through your eyes!

  8. I have always wanted to go to Croatia too! Love the healthy eating and lifestyle you're doing! I really enjoy eating like that. Yes, it's difficult to remove the sugars but it's so good for you! I've done some detox/cleanses that are very similar - eating healthy foods but no sugar, dairy, wheat, coffee.... things like that. It can be a bit challenging but it's great to feel so healthy!

  9. Girl, 15 pounds is a huge weight loss. And the first pounds are so difficult. Congratulatiosn to you both. I will look forward to your pictures from this trip. Big hug, even though there is less of you...

  10. Croatia!! What a grand trip that will be!! I can't wait to see it all...
    Congrats on having to buy new clothes-how fun!

  11. Oh lucky you...have a wonderful time..with the new thin you. xoxoxo

  12. Thank you for commenting on the OA blog!!!! I appreciate your kind words!


  13. Oh how funny my hubby and I began this diet about a year ago. I have lost 30+ pounds and have kept it off. It is a great program.

    Congrats to you

  14. Wow!! Croatia is one place I have not yet been. It sounds like a fabulous trip and I can't wait to see pictures. Congrats on the weight loss. I really need to buckle down and focus on that. Reading about your success is inspiring :)


  15. Have a very fabulous time there Suz ~ I am sure you will look beautiful! And go ahead and have some of those pastries too (have one for me, I adore sweets!) I hope you have the time of your life at this blessed event!