Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Talent...

I sat next to Robin and her sidekick, Jemelia, at Silver Bella and I thought the two of them were hilariously funny. I have gotten to know Robin much better through blogland and her great blog, Robin Thomas: A Nest With A View.  This woman can do so many things well. She writes sensitively and intelligently, she takes incredible photographs, she knits gorgeous neck-warmers, and she makes beautiful jewelry. I admire anyone who solders, since the skill has so far evaded me, but I think that what she puts with her soldered pieces is what makes them very special. I love the piece above, the first of hers that I saw, because it seems like her signature piece, as "Robin." I think it is so beautiful with the citrine Czech glass tablets and the irregular white pearls, but the crowning touch is the little white flowers with citrine-colored centers.

She continued her "fly" theme with this beautiful butterfly. Again, she has a pearl hand-wired chain (we learned how to do this from Kaari Meng) and a grey mother-of-pearl hand-wired chain. I love how the mother-of-pearl picks up the grey of the butterfly wing.

This is another piece I love. She does her own collages and I love the French Provincial chair with the heart in the seat. The background is a piece of vintage wallpaper...just perfect. What does it mean? Robin, please fill us in. I can only guess, but I know it is lovely! I love the moonstone Czech glass tablets and the grey pearls. The flowers and turquoise leaves pull it all together so beautifully. Look at that tiny flower that drapes down the back! Is that not cute? 

This one is delightful. She printed this darling child, with "Be Nice" superimposed over the picture. I love the Czech crystal barrels, again, hand-wired, and the second strand of grey pearls, also hand-wired. She always adds a third strand of oxidized sterling chain. This is time-consuming work! Again, she has beautiful rose flowers draping over the charm...and one down the neck. The "Be Nice" made me wonder a bit. Robin is a very nice person, but...

Aha! This is more like it! She is one of the sassiest women I know! Vintage Robin!

I hope she will someday sell her creations, as they are so beautiful. So far, she does not sell her jewelry but does sell her knitted creations. I heard they sold out at Silver Bella, and that is a tough audience!

Robin's jewelry has a "look," which I think is remarkable is someone just beginning. You would probably be able to identify one of her pieces (and wear it proudly).  She also does everything so perfectly,  from the wiring to the soldering. Perfectionism is a great quality in an artist! I am glad she's my friend and I hope you will take a moment to visit her blog,  Robin Thomas: A Nest With A View. And someday, someone may point to your neck and say to you, "Isn't that a 'Robin Thomas'?" 


  1. Good morning! Thanks for introducing me to Robin--what a funny, creative woman!

    Hope your summer's going beautifully...


  2. Oh. Em. Gee, Suz. Are you kidding me? How very thoughtful, beautiful and nice. I really appreciate this light you have shone on these little pieces I made. Wow. The backs of all the necklaces have a collaged words that are positive and worn against the skin serves as that little secret for the wearer. That chair reads "dare to bloom" an important reminder for me to be my best no matter what cranky state of mind or mood I am in.

    Thank you so much dear friend. I am overwhelmed with this show of support and loving treatment.

  3. You must talk Robin into selling her creations! They are gorgeous! You jewelry makers keep me in a constant state of awe!

    How kind of you to highlight another artist's work! So, are you going back to Silver Bella this year?

  4. What a great post...I met Robin and Jemellia last year at Silver Bella and they are just a hoot. Great ladies. Love seeing her soldered necklaces. Especially love the chair one--that necklace is gorgeous...

  5. And I think I met Steph the same day. All three are wonderful women. You meet really good people in blogs and at retreats, don't you?


  6. Fabulously gorgeous jewelry. I am always amazed at the creative talent behind these types of creations as my mind just doesn't work that way. I so love jewelry, even moreso when it is handmade and heartfelt. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. What beautiful creations, and I also adore how you so sincerely expressed your appreciation of your friend. All of this is wonderfully touching.

  8. They are pretty! I took a wonderful soldering class but I am too impatient to solder myself. Have a great rest of the summer Suz!!


  9. You are so sweet to feature Robin on your post today! She does create such fabulous soldered jewelry (as well as several other things too!)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Such a lovely post from beginning to end ... as you know I am a solderer wanna be but won't be (thus my book giveaway heehee)
    Each piece is just wonderful!
    Happy Friday and coming weekend dear ones!
    word verification: reesses oh oh I need chocolate ;)

  11. beautiful pieces! thank you for sharing.

    (i am having a big blogging catch-up session tonight.)

    happy weekend!


  12. Absolutely GORgeous!!! The chains are what set off all the beautiful soldering. Where, where, where do you find all this beautiful chain???

  13. Such pretty are so sweet to share this lady's talent. Beautiful photos too! Thank you for sharing the link to Robin's blog. ~ Angela

  14. I wish I could solder but alas!

    The necklaces are wonderful!

  15. Suz, Thank you for introducing us to to such a lovely artist. There are so many different mediums I would love to try, but I just know I would be like the mouse that ate the cookie.... I can't tell you enough how very much I appreciate your comments on my blog, and I hope you will accept the gift of one of my embroidered hearts. Again and again I visit here and always leave with inspiring thoughts in my head. I will have such fun stitching this one for you! Look for it in the near future. Elizabeth

  16. You really have no idea how awesome those pieces are in person. Do you? Amazing!

  17. Very fun jewlery! Thanks for the show and tell!

  18. Ahhhh this work is so gorgeous! I love the layering and all the colors are gorgeous. I ordered some lovely bits on-line today to go with some great vintage beads and trinkets I have... I am going to start making some Christmas presents. I decided I want to give some special pieces of jewelry this year to my mom and dear friends.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  19. Robin is truly as lovely as her creations! And a hoot to boot!

  20. Thank you Kat and Suz for featuring one of the most special people I know on this planet. Robin puts her soul in each item she makes and by wearing or holding them, you feel her light and her love. Thank you!

  21. I am a proud owner of one of her pieces and she is the proud owner of my heart. Thanks for sharing her with your readers.