Thursday, August 26, 2010

Such A Sweet Thing...

...happened to me. I want to tell you how deeply it touched me.

One of the first blogs I started following was Creative Breathing, lovely Elizabeth's blog. We all seem to have an "alternative world" that we sometimes mentally inhabit. Some people live on the pages of Vogue magazine. I would choose to live in a little Mary Engelbreit slope-roofed house and decorate my house in red, blue, yellow, pink and spring green. As fate would have it, I married a man with more subtle tastes and a decorating ideas of his own. Whimsy gave way to a compromise of soft pinks, greys and a dash of eggplant, which are calming, lovely and have stood the test of time.  Inside me, however, I still find myself longing for that adorable brightly-colored house.

After I discovered  Elizabeth's blog, I became a follower right away. It is still one of the first places I visit almost each day. Elizabeth makes the most wonderful holiday soft sculptures of beautiful wool felt. She usually has a delightful story from her own family history, which is often the inspiration for her piece.She shares these stories with her readers. What a terrific storyteller! She makes her aunts, uncles and old friends all come alive. She is also my favorite tag, card and banner artist. She will cut a figure from a vintage card and put it together with paper, buttons and ribbon in colors I would never imagine. It always works. She has "the eye." Best of all, she tells you exactly what she does to make each piece. I always am impressed that the people who have so much talent in blogland are so willing to share what they know. Elizabeth is always so gracious about sharing her gifts.

One day, I was thrilled (and startled) to see that she had put my Katsui header on the side of her blog! Then I had a really big surprise. I found this in my comments...

"Thank you for introducing us to to such a lovely artist (Suz' comment-she was referring to Robin Thomas-A Nest With A View). There are so many different mediums I would love to try, but I just know I would be like the mouse that ate the cookie.... I can't tell you enough how very much I appreciate your comments on my blog, and I hope you will accept the gift of one of my embroidered hearts. Again and again I visit here and always leave with inspiring thoughts in my head. I will have such fun stitching this one for you! Look for it in the near future." Elizabeth

I had seen her hearts. They were utterly charming and very personal. I was shocked! I didn't believe this was really going to happen. Several days later, I opened her blog and audible gasped! There was the sweetest, most charming heart, with our name on it. 

Isn't it beautiful? The colors are perfect! When I looked more closely, I noticed the darling embroidered squirrels on the branch. Then I noticed the birds...

When Jud and I lost our twins, our symbol for them became two blue birds flying off to the Heavens. There they are. How did she happen to choose these? Did she know? I had just been thinking of them, for the first time in awhile.  In fact, I surprised myself by blogging about Brooks and Andrew.

Then I looked at the "ground" of the heart...

Here was Katie, safe and sound. And a pearl symbolizing, in Elizabeth's words "pearls of wisdom, pearls of friendship." Elizabeth described it all poetically, weaving the story into her own life story. 

Symbolism is an beautiful thing. Shared pleasures are another. Friendship is even more lovely. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing yourself and the joy of what you do. Thank you, Elizabeth, for bringing those bright colors and whimsy into my life each day. Thank you, Elizabeth, for being my friend. I cannot wait to see our "Katsui heart" and hold it in my hands!!!!!

Stop over and visit her blog, Creative Breathing,  when you have a chance. I am sure you will be just as delighted as I was to enter her world. 

P. S. Happy Birthday, my dear Kat. I love you!


  1. Oh, Suz...what a lovely post! I, too, love Elizabeth and what she does...everything beautiful, happy and charming...and such a generous and talented heart!

    What beautiful symbolism for you in this heart...sometimes we get just what we need, don't we?

    I hope your day is wonderful in every way!


  2. I think this may possibly be the most beautiful post you have written. Although I love everything you share with us, the words you chose for this one strike such a chord with me....

  3. Hi Suz~
    It's amazing the way we are sometimes given that very thing that we need out of the blue.
    Elizabeth is a very talented and extremely generous woman who opens her heart to all who are kind. It does not surprise me at all that she made this heart for you. You, too, are a woman who can make a gray day bearable with a kind and understanding word. You both have touched my heart at different times and I am happy that I "know" both of you!
    Enjoy your gift~

  4. Lovely gift, lovely friend, lovely story. Makes me now know that the time I spend finding new bloggy friends is definately worth it. We never know who will touch us, or when, but today, Suz, I have been touched by you and your sweet friend. Have a lovely evening.

  5. Suz, Truly I don't know where my needle will take me as the stitches appear. I make my hearts in memory of my mother who had a "special" way about her. I think at times she guides my needle! I am so happy you enjoy your heart, it is such a small thing to thank you for your encouragement, support, and inspiration. Elizabeth

  6. Suz dear,
    What a beautiful post. How amazing this heart is. Just like yours.

  7. Teary here. What else to say. We women are creating a new world here. It is bigger and smaller, loving, beautiful, supportive. Its an overground movement that makes this earth better.

    I feel so touched and so moved.

    AndHappy birthday Kat!!!

  8. I found Elizabeth's blog about a month ago- I think it was through the link in your sidebar and I just adore her creations- she's a magician with felt and floss. The heart she made for you is just wonderful- I know you'll treasure it.

  9. That is the sweetest gesture- I love the kindness that is shared in this amazing world of blog. The women creating these beautiful places for us to visit and gleen from just make my heart want to burst. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

  10. This is touching, Suz! The heart is beautiful and it's meaning and even more beautiful. Amazing what these little things we call blogs can do.... unite women.

  11. you certainly blew me away with this precious post full of Love and connection

    Love never Dies ... it is only faint to those that are not open and ready to receive the gifts our loved ones send from near and far and beyond the veil
    seeing your boys names really touched my heart ... fumbling for the right words ... impossible to express really ...

    I can hardly wait to visit your sweet creative friend ... thank you for sharing from your heart ... you had me at "creative breathing"

  12. Oh my gosh, Suz - that is the sweetest story. You must be so special for her to make this for you- I really love Elizabeth's work, also. I need to go back and re-read the story. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and I found you here. xoxo Nancy