Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We're hungry!!!!

Our friends, Brooks and Karen have arrived in Barcelona and we have had a long, long day of shopping. Help! We are starving! Where can we eat? 
We decide to head back to the market, a half block from our apartment.

Oh, the market! It is huge and it is pristine. It buzzes with energy and you can eat prepared food from most nationalities or buy beautiful fresh food to take home. At this Chinese seafood booth, you can choose what you want and they will cook it right there!

This stands is resplendent will many colors of fruit of the best quality. It is nice to grab a few pieces and put them in out backpack for later. 

I have memories of "odors" at markets I have been at before...and I was pregnant! Not this booth. It smells like fresh chicken. 
These are plump free range-chickens and they are delicious!

This is our friend and traveling companion, Karen, and she is oohing and aahing over the olives. We have never seen so many kinds. The ones we tried were marinated in a liquor. 

Here she is again, showing us the Mexican vegetables. I had some squash with our meal. Fabulous. Served only with a little butter and a little salt and pepper. It was so flavorful in it's natural state. 

Our very favorite, the dried mushrooms. We bought some for our dinner (they were cooked on the spot and fantastic. We had to buy a sack to take back to our apartment. 

Well, I didn't get the before picture because we were too hungry. Here is Brooks. He just ate his whole plate of buttered shrimp. Huge ones. 

And here are the three of us...nice and full. We finish up the last bite and...

...head down the very narrow road that leads to our apartment.

Eating your way through Barcelona is a fun thing to do.
Try it sometime!!!


  1. Eating your way through vacation sure looks fun ... it is an exciting part of every getaway with a chance to try new things

    Love the market pix...I am drooling over the fruit and olives...in liquor ... ummmmmm

    word verification: ficadalo
    sounds like something they might yell at a foreign market...get your ficadalos here ;)

  2. Sounds so marvelous, Suz! I really do need to get to Spain one of these years...love that last shot of the street...beautiful!

    I really do think that eating your way through ANY place is a VERY good idea, my friend!

    So glad you're having such a good time!


  3. what a lovely 'edible' post!! I can't work out what I'd like to start with, the Chinese or the olives?? yum... Mx

  4. Oh Suz the marketplace looks amazing! I'd have a really hard time deciding what to eat! I think I'd have to try one of everything! LOL
    great photos!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Hi dear Suz,
    love the marketplace with all the fresh fruits.
    Lovely photos - thanks for sharing.
    Sending hugs,

  6. Oh I love Spain! I have only been once but would love to return. Beautiful and with so much history and beauty! Enjoy yourself and eat your way for all of us back in the US.............

  7. YUM!!!! Nothing like fresh markets. The only thing I couldn't stand the smell of was the dried mushrooms, all though it made my sister drool. I still get a little queasy at the thought!
    Can't wait to see more of your adventures, it's going to be fabulous!

  8. Barcelona!?!?I'm so envious!!! I bet their food is sooo good!
    Sandy xox

  9. Oh Suz....how wonderful....what fun to spend time in Spain with loving friends.

  10. Suz,
    I know I have been an absentee blog friend lately. Busy times, little kids, you know. I just spent some lovely time catching up on your posts. Wow! Barcelona what an amazing trip you & Jud are on. The cathedral is beautiful beyond words. The food, the markets, all your photos have convinced me to see this country for myself one day. And last but not least, great news about Jud. Have fun!

  11. I really love the photos of all the food! I just can't wait to go to Spain!