Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heaven on a Barge...

After three days in Barcelona, we took a train to Narvonne and then took a car ride to the Canal du Midi for a week long barge ride on the Caroline in the South of France.

We were met by our hostess and host, Uta and Uli, wo were originally from Germany. They had a wonderful bottle of champagne ready to toast us.

 Uli taught us the rules of living on the barge, like "don't put anything in the toilet that does go in your mouth first" and "when you walk on a moving barge, make sure that three parts of your body are touching the barge."

 The Caroline even had it's own goldfish pond with giant Koi!

We passed beautiful houses as we drove on the barge at five miles an hour. The more we rode, the more relaxed we became.

The most beautiful site was the scenery. These trees were called "Plain Trees" and anchored the soil. They were beautiful and were planted uniformly apart.

The skies were blue every single day we were on the barge.

Castle sitings were so much fun!

We also loved going through locks.

At the end of the day, Uta and Uli parked the barge and tied it to the side with a complex set of knots.

As the sun went down, we continued to perfect the art of relaxation on the Caroline.


  1. Hold the barge! I'm coming over...

  2. I am so pleased you two took this trip. What a dream!

    I love you dear friend.

  3. I am so thrilled to be reading this tonight and hear how happy you sound! What a great way to see the beauty of this place Suz. I especially loved seeing the lines of plain trees. So lovely.
    hugs from here...

  4. Oh dear Suz,
    How wonderful for you and your husbond,being on such a beautiful trip.
    Must have been fantastic to travel like that.I`m so happy for you.

  5. wjat a great time! I always wanted to spend a weekend on a house boat. Im thinking this might be similar. show us pictures from inside the barge. I'm dying to see them. I'm SOOOO glad youre having such a great time.
    torrys coming over today, so I'll be sure to get some pics.. and tomorrow too.. for Halloween!
    have a great sunday!

  6. I am so glad that you had a relaxing time. It looks so beautiful and serene.

    My prayers are with you and Jud.

  7. what a fabulous time and what gorgeous scenery! wonderful, wonderful!! xo

  8. This is so unique. How ever did you find out about the barge Caroline? What a wonderful way to see the south of France. Of course, never having been there myself, I would take ANY means of transportation just to have the experience!

  9. Suz, We can't keep up with you! The Amazing
    Race has nothing on your adventures. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. My husband travels to all of these places often but doesn't take photographs. It is such a joy to see them here. I often draw him to the computer for personal comments. You have given us a fun connection here. He loves Spain's wine the best. I hope you did as well.
    Take care sweet friend, Elizabeth

  10. Have just spent several minutes catching up with your trip through your blog and photos. I'm with you on the churches and cathedrals in Europe....just magnificent!! I always imagine the architects and the workers who built them.

    Good to see both of you having such a great time!

  11. Oh - it looks so wonderful Suz - what a great trip. I so enjoyed your photos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    xo Tina

  12. Suz,
    These photos are stunning. I have never seen anything like this. What a wonderful memory!

  13. What an incredible adventure!!! It must have been so relazing. Memories to last a lifetime!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway Suz.
    I haven't forgotten about you I have something special in the works!
    hugs Lynn

  14. Oh Suz, I am so HAPPY that you went on this trip--it is divine!!! I hope you got my email about the movie the other day. xo Cin

  15. Hi sweet friend..hope you are well. I have been thinking about you but so busy that my visits to friends blogs has been very poor lately...forgive me. This trip of yours looks amazing. xoxoxo

  16. Hi Suz
    What an amazing trip on that barge - so much beauty to see and in such a gentle way!

  17. Your photos are so gorgeous! I smiled ear to ear when I saw the one with the hippo (I think that is what he was... looked like it to me!) What a wonderfully composed photo! I'm so happy you're having fun.

  18. omg Suz!! What an amazing trip?? Did you sleep on the barge or hotel it for the night? Are there photos of the inside?????
    Wicked cool!

  19. Relaxation on a barge in the South of France sounds wonderful. I have known others who have done this and they loved it. You and Jud look very happy.

  20. Oh how I Love your travel photos...serenely beautiful and charming dear Suz!

    I am at the wondering place of HOW and WHEN will I get back in the groove here?

    I adore travel for so many reasons...but getting back into the grind is another matter altogether :)

  21. What an amazing adventure! So beautiful!