Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beautiful, beautiful cathedral...

At the end of a narrow pathway of stores we found a plaza and a huge church, covered with Gothic windows. This is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St Eulalia. This picture does not do justice to its size. It was HUGE! We had a hard time getting my scooter in, finally entered at a door in the back and...

...WOW! I am sure this is real gold gilding!

It was incredibly ornate! 

There were about fifty little chapels around the exterior of the nave. They were created in a variety of styles over the 13th and 14th century. 

And here we have...St. Joan of Arc. My eyes were blinded by this time and I appreciated the simplicity.

These two tapestries and crypts were suspended way above our heads on a wall at the side.

A small door led to a beautiful courtyard which contained...

...thirteen geese! There is a legend that the thirteen geese will guard the Cathedral. Thirteen is also the age of St. Eulalia when she was martyred. 

Re-entering the church, there was a (relatively) smaller area where there were simpler chapels. I especially liked this one of the statue of the Virgin Mary against a mosaics of angels.

I also loved the Black Madonna and Baby Jesus. 
Why not?

I never tire of the churches in Europe. Whether they are enormous, ornate edifices or simple country 
buildings, my heart is always touched. Through beautiful art, mankind has always sought to make a connection with the Sacred. 
Me, too. 


  1. From your photos and descriptions, I can imagine how much in awe you were feeling. Experiencing this kind of grand beauty is both exciting and quieting.

  2. Wow - looks absolutely amazing! It is so ornate and beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Love the majesty and craftsmanship that goes into these houses of worship...truly amazing along with the antiquity!

    AND you found a Black Madonna...wish I could have taken photos of the one we visited outside of Zurich but photos were strictly forbotten (oh my!)

    Love seeing some of your travels dear Suz...thank you for sharing
    Happy Sunday

  4. What beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures.

    I remember all the ups and downs with my other moms cancer journey. It is an awful disease. My heart just aches hearing that the tumor count has tripled. You both are in my daily prayers.

  5. So glad to see you are enjoying Barcelona. I was there just a few years ago and it was truly amazing. Safe travels and prayers for you and Jud...

  6. How amazing to think the work that went into these incredible Cathedrals. Thanks again for the tour!

  7. Your last statement is so beautifully worded and I truly feel if you look for it ~ you will find it and it will find you too.
    Blessings, katie

  8. Stunning photos, breathtaking golden photo, I can just imagine what it was to look up at the glory of it all. I'm loving your trip! Mx

  9. such a beautiful place! loving these posts and seeing you enjoy all the best of life Suz!

  10. What always gets me is the sound of the church bells in Europe! They are so majestic yet!

    Sandy xox

  11. You got marvelous shots! I wish digital was around when I went through Europe!