Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Beady-Headed Tea Fairy...

The Beady-Headed Tea Fairy would like to welcome you to our noontime tea.

I have dressed in my finest outfit and put my favorite linens on the table to invite you for a cuppa.

My beautiful cup has the loveliest shades of leaves and fine lines of red. Can you see the little lines?

It is Haviland China from France, very fine and beautiful.

What a cheerful tray! Even the teabags lend to the festivities!

Please come again next Tuesday. Maybe I will find us some French treats!!!

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  1. Hi dear,- Thanks for the invite, I will love to have a cup of tea, with you, at your beautifully decked table. I love the beautiful "autumn " cup, and the teabags with the lovely seambinding around-and your tea fairy so cute- what a sweet tea-party :)
    Hugs Dorthe

  2. You are so clever and thoughtful to share your finest china with all of us out here! Thank You dear friend!

  3. Oh that setting is for me!

    I mean, this is about me right?

  4. Your tea fairy is so kind and sweet! I am delighted to sit with you for tea. What a pretty tea cup you have set out! Thank you so much!

  5. A cuppa sounds very good right about now, Suz! Charming post!

  6. I LOVE your fun bead headed tea fairy!!! :-) Thanks for setting the table with all your finest!

  7. So lovely stopping by for tea with you dear Suz and how very nice of you to bring out so many lovelies too!

    French you say = Ooh La Laaa!!!

  8. So pretty, Suz! Sure wish I could join you!

    Hoping things are going well at your house...keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend...


  9. I would love to have a relaxing cup of tea with you! You are in my prayers.

  10. o i love haviland...i collect butter pat plates and they are my very favorite! lovely tea post, happy tea day...a little late.

  11. Very pretty gal Suz! I love her beady hairdo and such a pretty teacup. Mx

  12. What a cute tea fairy! I love the bead hair!

  13. Hi Suz! I am curious how you display all your wonderful cups and saucers. It is so fun to see them each individually, but I'll be they are quite something all together. Prayers and thoughts of you both, Elizabeth