Monday, April 25, 2011

World-Wide Swapping...

I love ephemera. Most people shake their heads at me when I use that word :-) 
Old papers, unusual type and magazines in other languages make me smile! 
Patty of Magpie's Nest introduced me to LaWendula and her swaps. They are so much fun. I struggle to keep my packages small(er) and I have received some tremendous packages in return.
The first two pictures are from Sylvie from Germany. The theme of this swap was Newspapers and Magazines. There are all kinds of delightful pieces for me to play with.

Right now, my favorite things to make are tags and postcards, thanks to Natalie and her postcard swaps). They are quick and fun and I get to do a lot of cutting, which is very relaxing to me. (I was so pleased to see that Julie of AVintage Chic also likes to cut out pictures! I think we are a small club!) As you can see, I have a lot of new ephemera to play with!

This is a wonderful package of ephemera from Eliza of Poland. The theme was Fresh Start and we were to use things that were nice but had sat in our stash forever. Among many things that were stuffed into one large envelope were her favorite works of art, my favorite Joan Walsh Anglund book (it is now considered vintage!) and that cute chalkboard bird. Now isn't that a clever tag? 

I love exchanging internationally. I have talked before of our international exchange students and teachers and the wonderful times we have had visiting their home countries, going to their weddings, spending Christmas with one and having them come back to visit. So many adventures and so many chances to meet more people of other countries and see their homeland.  

I am not what one would consider "political" but I do strongly believe that peace on earth is forwarded if we engage internationally on a person-to-person level. That is why I love events like OWOH and international swaps.

Check out the swaps. There are different ones each month. We just had a mini-swap I received a beautiful little package of papers and wonderful vintage pieces from Pat of Fulks Run, Virginia. One lovely person (Marie) sent a packet to everyone! This month we are having a paperback book swap. My love is children's books and I am hoping to get one from a new international friend.


  1. I love ephemera, too- I'm sure that doesn't surprise you too much. My first experience with international ephemera was about the time I started to do altered art. A friend was going to Europe and I asked her to bring back any interesting paper that she could get free- napkins, matchbooks, tourist folders- she even brought back pretty chocolate wrappers. Thanks for reminding me of a fun memory.

  2. This is a wonderful wide world way to experience other cultures when you swap ephemera. How fun! Happy week to you...

  3. What a great swap my friend....hope your Easter was blessed my sweet friend...Hugs to you and your sweet hubby! xoxoox

  4. It sounds and looks like so much fun!!! How exciting my friend!!! Blessings!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and for nice comment, you have received some wonderful packages with ephemera.

  6. Swaps were a great way meet new people. What wonderful ephemera swaps.

    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Hi Suz,
    what a fun swap - can't wait to see what you do with it!
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Suz, I really am glad, that my swaps were so much fun for you and brought a little sunbeam to your life. Just as it should be! xo

  9. what a great post. I really love what you wrote about swapping as a way to spread peace. I agree. that's one of the reasons why I admire LaWendula's work to connect us all on so many levels.

    oh, and btw, have you seen my mention of your part of our swap?

    p.s. I think of you at least two/three times a day - drinking coffee from my favorite mug. :)

  10. wow, what a great swap!
    suz, thanks so much for your comments on SFSU. my son is there now and we do love the city! we just checked out OTIS in Los Angels. what a school my husband now thinks we were too hard on our son getting a BS in math an dnow see's how he would have flourished at OTIS... oh well
    haley was very excited about it! but still more school to check out!
    ps. so glad you remembered the dan francisco treat as well!