Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Present for Pam...

Pam, or Pammy Wammy, as we teasingly call her, took wonderful care of us when we were in California for Jud's treatment. She cooked for Jud and I daily, while working full time (she is also Dr. Pam, a clinical psychologist).  She divided the food into "Suz' only" when I broke out in shingles across my face, concerned for my immune-suppressed husband. She took us for drives along the roads of Palo Alto, to help distract us from our worries. She had a series of movies at our ready, usually to watch at night, when Jud was not able to go out. She also had the menu of every restaurant around for the times that neither of us had the energy to go out for dinner. There is no way we could begin to thank her for all she did.

I wanted to make her a piece of special jewelry to thank her in some small way. For some reason, a bird theme seemed to fit. I had three little gold birds and let her chose the one she liked for the right side. She chose the one that is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Her childhood Catholicism is still a heavy influence in her life. I found a necklace of big links at a consignment store in Mesa and took one out to encircle the bird.

Pam only wears gold jewelry, so I knew, from the start, to go with that.  It works well with her coloring. I chose the deep turquoise briolettes because the color is so pretty on her, with her beautiful auburn hair. The locket was one that I bought while at Silver Bella. I used some chain from home that matches the locket and looks equally "old."

Inside the locket, I put a picture of an egg and a picture of a soaring bird. The egg symbolizes the "mother bird" in Pam. She has already raised her two children to adulthood but truly took us under her wing when we needed a "mother hen." The picture on the right is a bird beginning to soar. Pam is making great changes in her life. She is soaring and fearlessly choosing a new life for herself. 
I wanted to use Ice Resin to cover the pictures, but the latch enters into the bottom picture. Instead I chose Diamond Glaze, which gave me more control. I bought a bottle of acrylic paint that matched the briolettes and put just a drop in the Diamond Graze. The small square charm that dangles from the end of the chain is a milagro of a house (a milagro is Mexican charm that is meant to have healing properties. It literally means "miracle"). I thought it was a fitting piece and exemplified, "mi casa es su casa,"  my house is your house.

Thank you, my friend, for taking such good care of us, for welcoming us wholeheartedly into your home and giving so deeply of yourself, both physically and emotionally. 

We love you so much!


  1. Sounds like Pammy wammy is a wonderful friend. I'm sure she will love your gorgeous neclace with so much meaning and love poured into it!
    have a great day

  2. What a lovely friend who was there for you and Jud. Isn't that that beauty of friendship? What a gorgeous necklace!

    You all are in my daily prayers and thoughts.

  3. What a splendid creation for your wonderful friend dear Suz and even more beautiful with all of the special symbolism...
    Love the way you colored the Diamond Glaze...
    didn't know that could be done...
    birds and eggs speak to me of freedom...hope and renewal

    Happy Sunday dear one

  4. What a beautiful way to thank your friend! I love this creation!


  5. What a beautiful gift to give to someone so dear! Friendships are made of wonderful people and that is the reason we stand by out friends and would do anything in the world for them.

    Yes I did make Franc's was so much fun. I should of taken a picture after I cut it. It was a lemon 4 layer cake with lemon curd and buttercream frosting. I just ate another piece this afternoon! Wish you were here to join me. At least you did not gain any weight from it like I did!

  6. ahhhhhhhh, shingles. I know the battle all too well and stress does not help. Lyrica took away the awful nerve pain (PHN) but I can truly say, after many bouts of it since the first outbreak, there is nothing like the constant pain of of PHN. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. My doctor told me at my first outbreak to get the shingles vaccination. And I am toying with it as I cannot imagine this susceptibility continuing into elder years. Goodness. I also take a supplement that helps my immune system,
    I think it helps.

    Beautiful necklace, Suz made with such love..she will treasure it I'm sure.

    Thinking of you both.
    xox Rella

  7. Dear Suz,
    What lovely work you do! Your friend will love wearing it and thinking of you. You are truly a blessing.

  8. What a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewelry! I know she will love it, as I sense you have loved making it!

  9. Oh it is lovely my amaze me with your talents. Friends...nothing like them! hugs.

  10. What a wonderful story!! What a dear person she is and what a marvelous gift you made for her....I am sure she will really treasure it.

  11. What a dear friend...and what a beautiful & thoughtful gift you have made for her, Suz...she will treasure it, I'm sure!

    Hope you're both doing well...I think of you often & of course you're both in my prayers...


  12. Suz,
    Your necklace for Pam is beautiful & the meaning behind it all will no doubt touch her deeply. It's really wonderful that people give so much, so freely to help when you really need them. I had to read thru your past few posts after reading the comment you left me. I am so, so sorry you & Jud are going thru this. That is what keeps me from the doctor. I lost my Mother, & Step Father to Cancer 4 years ago & it is my biggest fear. I will pray for you friend.

  13. This creation is amazing and even more precious because of the personal touch for your wonderful friend. Beautiful...

  14. This is such a lovely necklace...I know it will be a very special keepsake for your friend!

  15. What a wonderful tribute for a very special woman. You have so carefully thought out everything. I am sure that she will treasure it.