Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shelly Decorates Yard Eggs...

Do any of you remember yard eggs? Yard eggs were a phenomena that hit...oh maybe in the eighties...I am truly not sure. They are ugly, plastic eggs that one would put in their yard at Easter-time. The giant eggs, in their garish colors, would make a ugly Easter display that was, well,  just plain GARISH and UGLY!!

Hold your horses! Shelly at Bungalow Bling has reinvented yard eggs and has made them into such a beautiful new decoration that you are going to be scouring every rummage sale you can find this Spring in search of old yard eggs!

Check this out, my friends...

Shelly has decoupaged the giant egg with old sheet music and embellished it with ribbons and lace and wonderful old vintage pictures!

Ok...I will let you get a better view of this treasure...

Isn't that just something? And I won it! I have been so lucky lately and actually have won two beautiful pieces of art on Shelly's blog.

Plus, being extremely generous, she also sent me this little pack of Easter ephemera and all sorts of yummy bits and bobs. 

The ribbons at the top are tied into a beautiful bow that says, Make a Wish. How sweet is that?

Thanks, Shelly. You are a wonderful blog friend.

And as Shelly would end by saying, to all of you "a giant Easter hug and a big old bus on the cheek!"
Check her blog out to find out just what she means by a "bus on the cheek" and you will also get a chance to enjoy the really clever things she creates. 


  1. Shell can make anything look beautiful! I am so glad you won her Giveaway!!

    Sending Love,

  2. so sweet! i don't remember yard eggs. hmmmm? these are very special though.

    happy weekend


  3. Awww Shucks Suz! Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm So glad that you enjoyed your package of Goodies and your "re-vamped" Yard Egg!

    Hugs, Love and a "Tired" Bus today-we we're Hoppin' at Joyworks!

    (I don't know if I've ever given you the Link/blog for the Cute Shop that I work in,,,,I'm just a "Worker Bee" there on Weekends, for the most part. When you get a Chance, Go to my sidebar and find the Posts for Joyworks.....) Or, when I'm less tired/brain fried, I'll shoot you the email addy!

  4. Oh those ARE a great idea...thank you both for inspiring me
    AND congrats on being the very lucky winner dear Suz!

  5. Such a fun giveaway win...and the egg is such a great re-use idea!

  6. That egg is gorgeous girl! Rub some of that luck off on me will ya?


  7. Hi Suz,
    Shelly is so creative and I love the egg you won! Thought I`d pop in to let you know I was thinking about you today.
    Blessings sweet friend~

  8. Suz,
    how fun are these?? I'll have to go over and check out the blog!

  9. Suz, I've never heard of yard eggs but that sure doesn't look like something gaudy to throw in the yard! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I've been off blogging for a while and am trying to get back into it.
    P.S. Did you find some forget me nots in our shop?

  10. lovely is your always amazes me how someone can create like that! What a blessing to have one of her eggs.

    Hugs for a great week...and an extra one for your sweet husband. xoxo

  11. What a fun idea!
    I'll have to go check out her blog.

  12. Hi Suz thanks for visit and nice comment, what a fantastic easter egg you have received.

  13. What a cool idea, those big eggs would be fun to work on!