Monday, April 18, 2011

Precious Patty...

 Even though Kat and I primarily make jewelry (upstairs in the bead room), I have a paper (and clay, glass, fabric, etc. etc. etc.) craft room (in the basement). Though we haven't made jewelry for awhile because of Jud's illness, it had become a bit of a job. Playing with mixed media is something I like to do to relax and have fun. 

Every field has its "rock stars." Patty Szymkowicz is a rock star in the area of mixed media. There isn't much that Patty can't do, and she does it all beautifully. I stalked her blog for ages, even before I had a blog of my own.  I finally got the courage to write responses and, lo and behold, I was answered! We started to chat more and thus developed a friendship. I found out she was a real person, just like me!
I just adore her and she is one of the kindest and brightest people I know. 

One sunny day, a beautiful present came in the mail. I wish I could show you the envelope but I took a photograph and forgot to block out the addresses. The brown envelope is beautiful, decorated with birds and beautiful papers, and I am keeping it just because of that. 

Inside was a package wrapped in a brown glassine, covered with gold and white Indian paper and, on the top, the cutest teeny, tiny French airmail envelope with a little note inside. This was all tied together with a sash of golden Dupioni silk. "Presentation is everything" is a saying that has oft been recited here in Blogland! This package had that art down! 

Ooooh, Look at this incredible miniature canvas work of art! Layer upon layer of text and dots, paper and paint, black stamping (see the "overdue"?, and a gorgeous seal, all perfectly blended together. Then, take a look at that beautiful woman with a gold crown on her head, surrounded by a veil of almost invisible gilding. I swooned! 
Alright. I admit it. I told her I really liked it. I should have learned that you don't say that to generous bloggers. A week later, it came in the mail.

This is my favorite part. When you turn it on the side, there is a secret message that the woman whispers...all executed in this gorgeous script with those wonderful clover leafs at the side and shell-like shapes at the top. A special message just for me, I would like to think. Certainly one that I need to remember these days.

Sigh! I thank you, my friend, Patty. You are so kind and so delightful. Knowing people like you is why I love this "land" so much.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh. my. So gorgeous. What a lovely artist! So glad you shared this, Suz. What a wonderful gift, and such a lovely reminder to breathe...

    Hope you're having a good night, dear friend...thoughts and prayers are with you, as always...


  3. Oh my what an absolute doll you are ... you DO say the nicest things and are such a talented and lovely soul dear Suz

    I am so honored to make your acquaintance here in the land of blog is indeed a most sweet connection that I treasure very much!

    Remembering to ~Breathe~ with you ... thank you for your friendship and for such a sweet post too dear one!

    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours all


  4. i love your
    lovely, suz!

  5. It is just exquisite! Yes, I am a huge believer of presentation is everything! My nieces have figured out they love opening presents from Aunt Hope for that very reason. It makes you feel so special when you receive a 'package' that was wrapped with thought. Thanks so much for your lovely post....and as are deeply in my prayers.
    All blessings for a beautiful day!

  6. A true friend indeed. Lucky (and deserving) you!

  7. I so agree, Patty is quite a special are you. I can see why you both would be dear friends. What a lovely gift.

    thinking of you.
    xox Rella

  8. Hi Suz,
    What a lovely tribute to your dear friend Patty. I too am grateful for meeting lovely friends through blogging and at art events. It's wonderful when you meet special kindred spirits. Having an art connection with other souls is a great thing in life!

    And wow... you have two art rooms? Lucky girl! Well, I guess I could say that I sort of do too. I have my studio with limited table space so I end up sewing and spreading things out in the dining room. haha... which rarely gets used for anything else.

    Hope you're having a great week and thanks so much for stopping by my blog recently and leaving all the nice comments. They mean so much.


  9. WOW what a gorgeous canvas!!

    Sandy xox

  10. What a lovely canvas made by a generous soul and sent to a very beautiful lady. It is these connections of other kindred spirits in this "land" that makes life much more rich and colorful.

    You are in my daily prayers, dear friend.

  11. Oh wow, Suz, how gorgeous-What a WONDERFUL surprise!!!!

  12. Oh my word, that's stunning, Suz!! What a gift!

  13. OH Suz...what an absolute beautiful work of art...such a lovely and thoughtful gift! Blog friends are so great!

  14. yes, i agree completely! Patty IS the rock star of mixed media! and she's like the sweetest person ever besides! and that canvas is awesome.
    xo nat

  15. Hi Suz,
    what a beautiful Canvas and a beautiful friend!
    Sending big hugs,

  16. Hi
    Oh this is such a beautiful gift. What a treasure your friend is.
    Lynne x

  17. Dear Suz, What beautiful gifts you have been receiving from so many who have come to adore you and wish in any small way to let you know your prayers for your husband are shared in their own. I can just imagine how heartfelt this artist's sentiments are in having you as a friend. We are all lucky to know you! Elizabeth

  18. Hi Suz - I'm so glad you won this fabulous giveaway. I hope you all have found a new therapy and some new options. I look at the pictures of your family and I know you're going through such trials and yet in the midst of it I see such love and happiness there.
    I wanted to check to see if the Infant of Prague statue arrived okay. If you aren't completely happy let me know and I'll send you a refund.
    Here's wishing you all a most blessed Easter. xoxo Nancy