Sunday, October 10, 2010

This weekend...

Jud and I spent the weekend at the Mayo Clinic with our very dear friend, Iver and Di. Iver is currently fighting cancer. Di and Iver have been friends for the last thirty-five years. Jud and Iver were young doctors in Rapid City, South Dakota who were determined to put humanity back into medicine and still have a family life, while Di and I were renegade doctor's wives who refused to join medical auxiliary in order to make a point that we were "women in our own right who also had career goals!" They have two special daughters, Megan and Kirsten. Megan was born six days before Kat and they are still very connected. They are all people whom we love them very much.

If you would, please send prayers and good thoughts to their family as Iver begins an especially difficult part of his treatment.

The picture above is not Jud and Iver. It is the "Brothers Mayo" who started this outstanding medical facility. These Mayo guys have more of that funny stuff on their heads and are not handsome bald-headed men like our guys!


  1. Hi Suz, the best to your friends, how sad. I'm sending lots of love and good thoughts. Thanks so much for stopping by, wish you could be in the class! Maybe one day?? Take care, Riki

  2. Hi Suz,
    Best wishes to Iver and his family, and you guys too! There's really nothing like great friends is there?
    Amanda xoxo
    P.S You've still got me dreaming about Croatia.

  3. Will shoot a prayer up for your friend and his fight. Take care Suz!

  4. Oh, Suz.
    I was so worried when I saw the picture from your post. I'll be praying. What a tough, tough time.
    much love to you all.

  5. So sorry about your friend.......It's a good thing she has you to lean on.

  6. Oh, I am so sorry, Suz! I will definitely keep both of them in my prayers!

  7. That is so great that you guys went with them. That must help make the trip better for everyone. I hope Iver is comfortable...

    I was also a doc's wife who refused to join the auxillary!

    So many things make so much since my friend. And yet cancer never does...

  8. How nice that you went with them for support. I will keep them in my prayers!

    Sandy xox

  9. You're amazing Suz...just amazing.
    Caring for good friends is very important and when one is sick, it's like we are all sick with them. Life has a way of making us all realize just how lucky each of us are...even the sick to be surrounded by so much love :))))

    I know I haven't left you many comments lately but I've been enjoying your trip of Petar's wedding so much. You've shared each little beautiful detail with us, it's like I was there too! Thank you for taking me away :)))

    You have a heart of gold girl, it shows in everything you do. A HUGE heart of gold :)))

  10. The circle of Love your family brings wherever it goes is such a blessing!
    Prayers and Healing Wishes are on their way!
    Brightest of Blessings to All

  11. You're a good friend...for being there, caring and supporting.