Monday, October 25, 2010

It's A Two Friend Giveaway!!!

We have a giveaway...just for fun...and because we really enjoy our friends and readers and this warm and friendly place known as Blogland. A couple of months ago, my friend, Robin (A Nest With a View) was making beautiful soldered pieces and suggested we have a joint giveaway. She would make the necklace and I would make earrings to match. Then we would give them away together. So here we are!

Here is a picture of both the necklace and the earrings, draped over a cup from my Maternal Grandmother, Carol, and a sugar bowl from my Paternal grandmother, Helen. The necklace has a sterling silver cable chain and is decorated with three white Baroque pearls on each side You can see them on the side of the cup. Look closely. The tea pot set is one of my favorites. The Haviland china cup and saucer are beautiful and simple. Have you ever noticed that plates from the early twentieth century are so small? Hardly suitable for Thanksgiving!

Back to the point. Here is a picture which shows one side of the necklace. Robin, being Robin, does not do things half way. Her pendants have two sides and she collages them by hand, this one with vintage rose wallpaper and "peace" in old type. When I made the earrings, I matched the color of the rose with Czech flowers and used a tinier white Baroque bead as the center for each flower (you can kind of see them through the bead).  I chose a sterling silver cable that was similar to Robin's but much tinier and more delicate, since the necklace has a delicate feel. The earwires are also sterling. 

Here is the other side...a dove flying into the blue sky, then collaged on pink vintage wallpaper. Robin often puts birds in her art. I like that so much. They are "vintage Robin." The necklace chain clips into a larger ring on the front. Classic, and yet, trendy. I know you would like it. 

A special giveaway and a special message as we who create begin to enter the holiday season...peace. I truly believe this is something we all long for, peace within and peace without. We may sometimes differ in how we think we should go about it, but we all long for it. This is only one thing that draws us all together.

So, to all of you in Blogland, a symbolic and a tangible gift. We are so excited to do this and share something of us with you. Your gift will come wrapped in the coolest linen envelope with a handmade bird tag at the top (both hand made by Robin). You can see them both in the top picture!

Sign up soon! You can sign up at either blog, but do visit both. Robin will probably have something funny to say and you won't want to miss it. You don't have to be a follower. On the other hand, we would love to have you be a follower. It is heartening to look at all those little faces each day.

We will be drawing the winner this Friday! Maybe it will be you!


  1. Oh how this world definitely needs PEACE. What a wonderful idea to collaborate and do a combination giveaway. Sadly I realize the first to comment is rarely if ever chosen however I feel brave today. :o) These are lovely and I do desire to be chosen. Thank you for this opportunity. Happy week ahead...

  2. Hello, What a beautiful giveaway, so lovely, both of your work is wonderful. Yes, we do need peace in the world. Have a wonderful week. Terri

  3. hello. Thank you for visiting my Blog, your sweet words saying you glad you discovered my Blog, well I am so glad I discovered your Blog. I would love to own such treasures so beautiful. There is a blip and I am unable to become a Follower but I will try again. Yes, peace in the world would be so lovely. Have a lovely week. Lynne M x

  4. Oh!! What a beautiful collaboration! Please enter me in your giveaway!

  5. Just as beautiful a giveaway as I knew it would be. You and Robin have such talent.

    And, I love the sentiment "peace"...

  6. LOVE THE SET! I'd love to have those pretty little things for myself. :)

  7. Both pieces are so bright and cheery...I'd love to win a dose of peace and happiness, thank you.

  8. Love the idea of a joint giveaway! You girls are so talented.

  9. The earrings and pendant just look so lovely together. When you have a friend that 'gets' you, you can do marvelous things together! Thanks for the chance to have a piece of you two talented gals!

  10. Wonderful, by two of my favorite peeps!!

  11. How Pretty! How lovely to create together! I would be overjoyed to win!

    I finished my first show this weekend.."Ruffles and Rust"...some photos on my blog and more to follow.....Shew!

    And, today I got my airline tickets for "Silver Bella!" Ackkkkk!! Can't wait! Will be fun to meet you there!

    Hugs and Love,
    (And, I'll post your giveaway right now in my sidebar!)

  12. well sign me up!!!
    so pretty!!!
    love that you
    are working with
    a friend on this...
    good stuff!

  13. Oh, how exciting, Suz! These are so beautiful! Also beautiful is the part about you creating this sweet gift with your dear friend...what talented women you both are!

    I truly love how you displayed the pieces on your grandmothers' china...perfectly lovely! (You know I love that kind of thing!)

    I would SO love to win these beautiful vintage-style'd have to pry them off of me!

    Off to go and meet Robin--can't believe I haven't already!

    Have a beautiful night, dear friend...


  14. Gorgeous! What a fun giveaway project to team up with a friend!! i wish I had a local beading friend! :) Thanks for leaving your blog address on A Bead A Day! :)

  15. Beautiful pieces. I have been trying to make some stained glass pendants and I must say soldering is not as easy as it looks. Thanks fo the giveaway.

  16. If asked nicely, then I sign.
    Sweet kisses from France Suz and Robin.


  17. Hi Suz
    these are so pretty wow! Thanks for telling me
    see you soon hugs Denise

  18. so very pretty- a lovely gift for some lucky girl!

    Happy Monday, enjoy the week!

  19. Hi Suz,
    both pieces are beautiful!!!You will make
    one lucky girl very happy.
    Have a great week.

  20. What beautiful jewelry you make and I love that it also has a for the soul. Peace and thanks! xoxo

  21. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  22. Hi Suz! What beautiful art to wear! I found you on my friend Kana`s blog. I would love to win you and your friend`s creations. Going to Silver Bella? I hope to meet you! Have a Blessed day- Kim :0)

  23. Suz,
    Both pieces are lovely....please sign me up for a chance to win! How special to have both of your grandmother's china...lucky girl!!

  24. Gorgeous! Thanks for your comment and letting me know about this. Just lovely!

  25. How fun is this? Thanks for the the chance to win!!!

  26. oooo what a lovely pair of gifts to share
    ... the message is priceless,
    Love the delicate look and feel of the earrings and the pendant is double good and so pretty!

    What the World Needs Now is More Peace!!!

    Many thanks to you and Robin for the chance to be a lucky winner! I am headed Robin's way to meet her :)

  27. Hello. I would love to be part of this. Already left a cooment but have finally managed to become a Follower. Have a lovely week. Lynne from Adorn

  28. Hi Suz, what a wonderful giveway, and a joint effort, very cool. The pieces are great! Thanks for stopping by Suz, glad you like the bling fun. They sure are fun to make. Take care, Riki

  29. Hi Suz,
    This is such a lovely giveaway. Both pieces are beautiful! I sill have to stop by and visit Robin's blog now! Take care, Laura

  30. The jewelry pieces are as beautiful as the china. ;-) What a wonderful giveaway, and how much fun that you two teamed up together.

    Thanks for coming by all week as I've been unwrapping my treats. ;-)

  31. Such a sweet giveaway with a gentle message! It's always fun to stop by here!

  32. A giveaway...just for fun? Well, aren't you wonderful! I agree - everyone in Blogland is so amazingly friendly. You and Robin did some beautiful teamwork here. Please count me in!
    - Susan

  33. Your handcrafted jewelry is wonderful! Super nice give-away!

  34. beautiful pieces of jewelry! thank you for telling me about the giveaway.. I have more trouble keeping up in blogland.. I need little hints and tugs sometimes to send me in the right direction!
    I hope I win!!

  35. Hi Suz,
    Yep, finally back in blogland... I feel like I have missed so much while I was waiting for my computer to magically get fixed as it just sat there unplugged...

    Wow! What a trip you had! My oldest daughter spent some time in Croatia last summer and she said it was absolutely magical. Your pictures were much better than a 16 year-olds. Thanks for sharing. Someday I am going to get there to experience the beauty firsthand, but for now, I was entranced by your lovely pictures.

    Looks like you have been caught up in wedding fever! How fun. And your earrings and the necklace are sweet works of art that anyone would adore. And love your china also. I can never get enough china!

    Take care, have a wonderful Halloween weekend. And don't BLOW AWAY! Wow! My house is out in the middle of a corn field, and I swear the entire thing is going to blow right off the foundation and end up somewhere like in the Wizard of Oz. Good thing I have a glittery pair of red shoes!

  36. Ooops! It's just me. Guess I need to check who is logged in!

  37. Hi suz,
    how nice of you to let me know about your lovely giveaway. i love that you are doing it together ~ beautiful work by you both! looks like you have a little trip coming up! I sure will miss going to SB this year!
    : ) Heidi

  38. Such wonderful pieces! Oh pick me, pick me! :)

    Sandy xoxo

  39. I'd love a chance to win these pretties to wear to Silver Bella!

  40. Suz;
    I have been so out of it lately I missed this post! I am glad I found it now! You and Robin have created a wonderful giveaway! I LOVE the dove! The earrings match beautifully too! I wish you all great prosperity in your craft sales this year! If I were feeling better I would have created more art to make postcards and paintings etc and sold them in the Christmas craft fairs! I LOVE going to them and I have entered a few too!
    Hugs and blessings to you girls!
    I am so glad to see you home safe and sound!

  41. Tonight, I will ponder from which orifice a "loud guffaw" escapes...
    Don't tell me, I want to use my imagination.



  42. Lovely Give Away Suz from two very charming ladies! Thanks for the invite! Blessings ~ Katie

  43. I'm a new follower, Suz, and thank you for the chance to win yours and Robin's giveaway!

  44. Anything Ms Robin has her hand into MuSt be just lovely. Nice to meet you too! Please enter me in your enticing giveaway! Thanx!!