Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Sweet Gift from France and Our Giveaway...

I love international vintage and craft blogs. Sometimes there is English as well as the native language, sometimes there is not. Sometimes there is a translator, sometimes there is not. It doesn't matter. I love the photography, especially at Christmas time, when things look so fresh and unique. They are so charming and a chance to see decorations and holiday crafts with a bit different look.

Last week, I connected with Miette at La Miette Bricole. I was so pleased to get a lovely note from Miette and this gift she made for me:

Isn't that an awesome piece of work? Thank you so much, Miette, thank you for your sweet comment and for entering our giveaway!

Robin, Kat and I are getting a lot of responses to our giveaway. People have left some very kind and thoughtful comments. I am still laughing at my "peace and love" post about the giveaway and Robin's "I Hooked Up "Cause I Give It Away." She is one funny lady (and I am an aging hippie!). Go and read it if you haven't already. It made some of us chuckle (actually there were loud guffaws and a few snorts). 

Sign up if you haven't already and pass the word around. We will draw the name for the lucky winner on Friday!

Kat and I have made two jewelry donations this month. One to Park Nicollet Medical Foundation and the other to Free Arts, a group that does art work with children and teens in residential and therapeutic settings. Kat is doing an internship there. Donating our jewelry is a nice way to contribute to causes we believe in (and also gets our name around!). We notice our stock is getting low (though we have more than is listed in our store). As soon as Silver Bella is over, we begin a busy month of creating jewelry, culminating in our Holiday Home Show and more things on the blog.

Keep your eyes peeled for new pieces of unique jewelry!


  1. It's so nice that you donate your jewelry for those causes. You should print out the french sign that was made for you- onto white or cream fabric and turn it into a pillow!! Have a great Halloween!!

    Sandy xox

  2. I really enjoy international blogs too. I currently follow a couple of British and Swedish blogs and even though I don't always think of Canada as another country, it is and I have some Canadian blog friends too. There's just a different perspective and of course I'm envious of the vintage finds they post! What a gorgeous gift you received!! Yummy.

  3. Good morning, friend....Wishing both of us a productive day!

    I will have to check out some international blogs. You made such a good point that even if the post is in a different language, photos are universal...

  4. You do have an international soul Suz, I can feel it in everything you do. I can't imagine parting with such beautiful jewelry, but I know your charities are so grateful. Such a lovely gesture. It matches it's creators perfectly! Elizabeth

  5. I did enjoy La Miette Bricole even though I don't understand one word of the text, the photos are fun. Happy giveaway...

  6. I love this Bijoux Katsui! Is this a stamp? Is this a signature? I love it! What a wonderful gift!

  7. Hi Suz!!
    I must have missed the give-away post, so I am now officially signing up!!!
    Your Bijoux Katsui is gorgeous! How fun to have something so very personal. I have to ask as well, is it a stamp? What every you do with it will be extraordinary!!

  8. How sweet is that? I want to also know, is it a stamp??? Whatever it is, I likey =))

  9. That's gorgeous, Suz! I'm very into the stamps.

  10. I love all my international friends' blogs too, Suz...I know what you mean!

    What a lovely thing to donate some of your beautiful jewelry for charities--just wonderful!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night, my friend!


  11. Hi Suz.
    I'm glad you like my little gift.

    I'll send it again but this time in PNG format as you could print on the bottom of the color of your choice.
    Good Kisses from France, Miette

    Ps: For your readers who want to visit me, you can read me with the google translator.

  12. I have really enjoyed your blog people coming over and saying hi. Of course you have the best followers. I mean, except for me!

  13. Suz, you are so sweet! Thank you for visiting my blog! I sure hope we are able to meet up at Silver Bella! I can see by your blog list to the right that we spend time at a lot of the same places!! :)

  14. What beautiful things you have!


  15. I love your jewelry pieces....gorgeous! And you always have them displayed so beautifully!

  16. Beautiful pieces- and what a fun way to display them. I'll have mine with sugar :)

  17. Beautiful jewelry and I think it's wonderful
    of you to donate it!Have a great weekend.
    XO Marie

  18. Suz,
    Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella, so hard to not be attending this year : (
    Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Your jewelry as always is truly beautiful