Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Final Adventures...

We had a wonderful time at the wedding party. The men huddled together in a circle, drank Meditza, and hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. They are such a handsome lot! In fact, both the men and women are a beautiful people. The women danced and the children joined them until they fell asleep on chairs pushed together.

 There were three courses of food, seafood, meat and pasta, all on a huge buffet, homemade cookies and an incredible cake baked by Ana, Petar's sister. It was a fabulous party.  

We had many more fun times in Croatia. We went shopping in Downtown Rijeka, a very elegant place to shop (especially considering this is a city with only 150,000 people) that has many designer stores. We again saw the National Theater, where Petar's mom, Zrinka, has been an actress for thirty-five years (the yellow building to the right).

Jud and Kat joined Petar in Trogir, a Roman ruin, with a castle on it's shore. Kat says this was her favorite way. The group ate several platters of the freshest fish. 

They got chewed out by the vegetable and fruit lady, who told them, "Why don't you just buy something instead of taking my picture?" She didn't know they understood Croatian! Actually, Petar translated later.

We went to one of my favorite places, Trsat, the medieval castle above Rijeka. 

From there you can view the river which divides Rijeka, that used to separate Yugoslavia, on the left from Italy, on the right. Rijeka actually means "river."

We went to my favorite church, the Church of Our Lady of Trsat, where people create pieces of art to thank Our Lady of Trsat for interceding on behalf of their prayers. There are hundreds of pieces, ranging from carving to oil painting to embroidery. 

We were able to see this beautiful photograph of the Pope John Paul II, now enlarged and hanging on the outside wall of the church. The picture was taken by Jani, Petar's father, who died several years ago. He was a lovely man and we are so happy that we got to know him on our last trip there. Petar, now a photographer, also had several pictures of the Pope's visit permanently exhibited. We are so proud of him.

We dined at Zrinka's house again. She spoiled us with wonderful, fresh food. She made the most fabulous dessert of a rolled custard-filled cake, covered with chocolate. She does not speak English (and I don't speak Croatian) but we have been able to share our love for each other and our respective children through letters translated by interpreters. 

Jud went to work with Igor, Petar's brother in law, who manufactures boat covers for yachts and sailboats. He works at the seaside town of Krk and introduced Jud to a friend who was building his own boat. 

And I mean, really building his own boat. This was all done by hand!

Igor and Petar's sister, Ana, took us out for a wonderful day of eating, shopping and hiking in beautiful Rovinj. We trudged up the windy, cobblestone trails to the Church of St. Eufemia, named for a Sister who was eaten by a lion. 

There we were scolded by a crabby Nun for making too much noise.

Kat went home a day before us, in order to get back to school. Jud and I spent the last day of our trip in Venice. This is a picture of the buildings, taken from the water cab. 

Isn't this one unbelievable? I love those paintings on the front.

All too soon, it was time to go. We were sad but filled to the brim with feelings of love, happiness, gratefulness and a sense of enrichment from our trip. We love Croatia and we love our Croatian friends and family. We hope that someday, Kat will have a little "Petar" who will come and live at her house and go to school in the USA. Then, in turn, her child will go back and visit the beautiful country of Croatia. 


  1. Wow the second last picture looked like! You did so much and all those places were so beautiful! Their cake was fabulous too! As per your last comment, I too buy some stuff purely because it's too difficult to make or to find the supplies to make it. Enjoy your acorns :)Sandy xo

  2. Suz, your family must be so special to have made this young man and his far away family welcome you with such joy and love! This is truly a love story - the happy couple's and the two distant families that have come together to celebrate. I appreciate you sharing it with us too!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I would love to get to europe someday especially Italy. The pictures in Venice are stunning! I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well Suz. Try to rest and take care of yourself.

  4. Suz,

    I have enjoyed this look into a place I will never never otherwise see! Thanks for taking me along.

    Except for the part where you were not in MN when I was there!


  5. Oh Sue, I have goosebumps on my arms from this travel adventure! To think you will always have these images to recall and the wonderful people to remember. I love the fruit stall lady. The measuring weights in the background remind me of my childhood in Turkey and the stalls that each had these. Goosebumps! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

  6. Suz, I have so enjoyed traveling with you through your photos. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Croatia has been on my must see list for ages, but I have yet to get there. I love the fruit stand lady -- wonder how many people she's muttered that at?
    Happy end of the week,

  7. What a great wedding cake...did it taste as yummy as it looks?

  8. how amazing!!! beautiful photos and great stories of happy times. thanks, as always, for sharing.


  9. Hello, my friend!
    What a spectacular trip!
    I think some of those pictures should be framed, the colors in them are incredible.
    Thanks for sharing such a special time!

  10. What a wonderful trip you had. Beautiful photos - but I'm especially impressed with your food adventures. I would have gained at least ten pounds on that trip! That wedding cake is so intriguing - I'm trying to figure it out???? What flavor was it?
    - Susan

  11. Oh! What wonderful pictures. I went through all the wedding posts! What a fantastic time. The bride and groom and wedding party all so beautiful!! Lucky you to be a part of it all!

  12. Hello Suz,
    Looks like I'm joining in at the tail end of your adventures, but I went back through the posts to learn all about your trip...what an AMAZING time you and the family and friends must have had!!! The wedding was beautiful. And oh my, the places you visited! I lived overseas for my high school years and I sure miss it. I was in Italy last in 2001 - much too long ago!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures full of wonderful smiles!

  13. What a wonderful and unforgetable trip- thanks for sharing so many of the fun details with us.

  14. The cake is awesome -- I love the Pope -- and the crabby nun made me out-right guffaw!

  15. Oh Suz...
    These photographs are awesome & show what a wonderful place Croatia would be to visit. Good family & friends & a different culture to soak in, how fabulous.
    And then on to Venice, the picture from the water taxi is stunning & that sunset...sign me up for your next visit! Now I just must go!!!

  16. You have shared so much Love, kindness and adventure with us. I adore each and every post from your trip to Croatia AND then Venice ... romancing us to the very end!
    I really have no words to express what pure delight it has been to see and read all about these very very special people in your lives!
    You are one great family!

  17. Hi Sweet Suz! Your pictures are so magnificent and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake!!! So looking forward to seeing you next month, my friend!

  18. Hi Susan. Wanted to stop by your Blog after your lovely comment at my Blog, Adorn. Your photos have me yearning to visit Croatia again. I was there some years ago when I was only in my very early 20s and my friend and I just loved the place - for many personal reasons it will always be dear to my heart. So enjoyed looking at those photographs. Lynne M